Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Kitchen Table Redo

Earlier this year, I saw this in a Pottery Barn catalog:

I loved the looked of the white pedestal table and the black chairs. And I was sick of our current counter height table and chairs. I was over the whole style in our house, that's why it was all repainted and new decorations came in. I became obsessed!
Well, I knew I wasn't about to pay the $800 price tag that was on this table (plus the $200 or $250 per chair) from Pottery Barn. But I knew that I could create it myself. I had a mission...I searched craigslist every day, multiple times a day for the best bargain I could find. There are always pedestal tables for sale on craigslist, you know, the old oak ones that everyone had in their kitchens 20 years ago?

One night as I was do my search, I found one from a garage sale and the price had been knocked down to $40 if we could come pick it up or call by 7:00. I was on it! I loaded David in the truck and we got there as they were closing up the garage sale for the night. Of course I didn't take any before pictures of the table, but it was just a plain stained round pedestal table.

It sat in the garage for a few cold months until it was finally time to get out there and get to work. I stripped the varnish off the top, sanded it, and then David got out the paint sprayer and we sprayed primer and then we sprayed it the same white as our trim in our house. This was the tricky part because we had to wait for a day that wasn't so windy, and that just doesn't happen very often in Oklahoma. So the painting took a few weeks.

Here are some before pictures of the kitchen (this was right before painting so the walls are a little bare):

Did you notice that my light isn't centered over the table? Yeah, that was the brilliant idea of the builder. There is no way I can center a table under that light have room to walk around it. That's another item on David's list to fix...I can't stand it!

And here is my new table:

I bought the chairs at a furniture store for $59 each. That was a lot cheaper than anything else I found online and they were exactly what I wanted. I also bought a 2 person bench that matches the chairs for more seating at the table when we need it. It's sitting in my hallway though, it goes good there too :)

I forgot to take some pictures of my new bar stools, but you can kind of see them here on your right. I love them! So much so that I want one or 2 more. I also added those 3 baskets to the buffet. They match the stools perfectly.
And this picture also shows the uncentered light! Ugh, so annoying!

I'm not finished with this area...I still need drapes and a rug. I have both picked out, but just haven't purchased them yet. Hopefully soon.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Hello :)

I'm back! It's been too long, right? I know you all are just so disappointed everytime you log in and there's no new post right? Just kidding...if only my life was that exciting!

Well, I decided to start this thing back up again for a few reasons. Summer is here and our lives are picking back up. Things to do, places to go, and people to see all the time. Plus, summer puts me in a happier mood. I was also recently looking back at all of my old posts and I realized what I'm missing out on. It was fun to look back and see funny things that have happened and what we were up to at a certain point in the year. I want to be able to look back on this summer and do the same thing. I also have some updates with the house I need to post sometime. It's a shame to do projects and have no one see them and praise me for them ;).

Nothing too exciting today though. Just a little puppy post to get the ball rolling again... This is how I found the dogs last 7:30 pm.

I guess they were exhausted from their long day of napping.

I imagine Peanut saying "Um...can I help you with something? If not, can you please turn the light back off?!" And he has this thing with laying on his back all the time. At least he was kind enought to cover himself up though.

A few weeks ago, I went down to the lake to visit my parents. My brother Tanner and his girlfriend Jessa also came down. This is Jessa's dog Apple: You can't really tell from this picture, but Apple is the smallest dog I have ever seen. I think she only weights a pound and her little legs look like chicken bones. She is so small, I was afraid I was going to squash her when I picked her up. Peanut fell in love immediately. I'm not really sure if it should be called love or lust! He kept trying to mount her! Well, she wasn't going to take it and she told him about it. Jessa said she never really barks so when this noise came out of her, Brutus would just stare at her. She kind of sounded like one of his squeaky toys! In this video, Peanut had just tried to hump her (again), and she was telling him to back off. Brutus came up to see what was going on and she had to tell him too.