Monday, October 29, 2012

Catch Up

This is just a random post to document a few things.
Chloe playing with Peanut.
We love shopping at Sam's because of the double cart! So much fun!
We bought a big bucket of Christmas ornaments while we were at Sam's and Connor held on to them the whole time for some reason.
  The babies have started holding hands or reaching for each other when they're in their high chairs or riding side by side in the jogging stroller.
We're starting to eat some table food. This part is hard for me because I do NOT cook. I'm content eating something from a box or a peanut butter sandwich every night. I'm also extremely picky so a lot of my meals that I do cook all usually have the same ingredients, like cheese, pasta, meat, etc. Not to mention, we usually don't have time to cook in the evenings when we're trying to take care of the babies and play with them, feed the dogs, and maintain the daily household stuff. So David and I usually just try to make something quick and eat all in about a 15 minute time frame.
This past weekend we started off with some Mac n Cheese and baked potatoes.
They did pretty good and actually got some of it in their mouths! At times they acted like they really liked it and then they would turn their head or just throw it on the ground, but then go back to eating it and liking it. So who knows... I sure don't know what I'm doing!
We also hit a few milestones in the last week. Chloe has started letting go and trying to stand on her own.
And Connor is now pushing up to sit up on his own all the time and has even started pulling up on his knees and every once in a while pulling to stand up! He really has had so many changes in the last week. Even though he has been a little behind her on the sitting up and pulling up, he caught up so fast, all in one weekend actually! It's amazing! I guess something clicked and he was just ready!
This also means I'm in trouble! More movement is so exciting but also more dangerous! We can't take our eyes off of them because they are so fast. Chloe is even trying to climb the stairs about every other minute. Time for another baby gate!

The Croup

The last week has been miserable!!!
 Wednesday morning, around 3:00 am, something on the monitor woke me up. It was Connor and it sounded like he was trying to cough or cry or something. So I went in there, just expecting to find his bink for him and maybe rock him back to sleep, but what I found scared the crap out of me! He was having a hard time breathing. He couldn't cough or cry and it just sounded like he was gasping for air. So while David changed his diaper I ran around putting clothes on and grabbing a few things for the diaper bag and I rushed him to the emergency room.
They gave him a breathing treatment and a steroid and then kept us there to monitor him. They said he had a mild croup and that it should go away pretty quickly. Well, it didn't. It got worse. He had what they call a "rebound" from the breathing treatment and they ended up admitting him to the hospital to monitor him for the rest of the day.
This was Connor shortly after his breathing treatment at 4:00 am.
  So we sat, all day, in the hospital. I got lots of snuggle time with my baby that day but I was so sore from carrying him and holding him (he's almost 23 pounds by the way!). We couldn't lay him down because that made it harder for him to breathe. He wanted to be rocked but there was no rocking chair. So I would have to sit on the bed and rock back and forth. All. Day. My abs sure did get a work out!
One thing he did love was the crib the hospital brought to us. The only thing he used it for was to play in though...
That same day, Chloe started coughing and running a fever, so we got her in to see the doctor before it got too bad like Connor. And sure enough, she had the onset of the croup plus an ear infection.
Daddy and Connor in the hospital.
So while David was at home with Chloe, I was stuck at the hospital with Connor. There is nothing worse than not being able to be with both of my sick babies. I was worried about Connor while I was with him and I was worried about Chloe because I couldn't be with her.
We finally got released from the hospital that night and my mom came up to help us out. I needed sleep and someone needed to stay up with Connor because he couldn't lay down in his bed to sleep. He had another night of struggling to breathe but luckily my mom was there to help him and watch him all night.
  So after a long few days of 2 sick babies, I think we're finally seeing the light! Now we just have a few coughs and some runny noses but I'm happy to report that both babies seem to be feeling better!

Friday, October 26, 2012

9 months!

The babies are 9 months old!
One major change in the last month is that they're on the go more than ever now!
They have also really started to interact with each other more. They are always looking for the other one or trying to see what the other one is doing or playing with. They have also started holding hands when they're in the highchairs next to each other or in the jogging stroller together.

Age: 9 months
22.5 pounds, 29 inches long, 90th percentile, wearing 12-18 month clothes
Favorite Toy
His Bink is his best friend. He still loves his soccer ball and jumperoo and he now loves this toy iPad.
Favorite Food
This big boy will eat anything, but lately he has really started liking the cheese snacks from Gerber and any kind of Puff from Gerber.
He loves crawling under and through everything. We always find him under the exersaucer or under the kitchen table. He loves playing in the bathtub and outside.
He's a good sleeper at night and we usually have to wake him up in the morning to get ready for day care. He's usually pretty good at taking naps with the exception of a few short naps where he fights it.
He is now sitting up on his own all the time. He still army crawls but he does it pretty fast and gets where he wants to go. He is pulling up on things but just to his knees. He will stand up if we stand him up against something. He drinks from a sippy cup and feeds himself finger foods. He has 2 teeth!
"Dada" and he waves "Bye Bye"
He is our sweet, curious yet cautious, happy, smiley, silly boy. He has started doing what we call "crazy arms" where he lays on his back or when he is sitting in his highchair and he just waves both arms around crazy and he gets so excited. He also gets so excited if we act like we're going to chase him when he's crawling around. He loves playing with daddy and cuddling with momma. He loves it when we GROWL at him and he tries to do it back. Whenever we are trying to get his attention we just "ROAR!" and it works every time!
Age: 9 months
18 pounds, 27.5 inches long, 61st percentile, wearing 12 month clothes
Favorite Toy
Her walker, the table top learning toy, the jumperoo, and whatever Connor has in his hands at the moment.
Favorite Food
She usually just like the fruits at each meal, but will eat most veggies and she has liked the Chicken and Apples Combo. She still hates greens. She loved the cheese puff snacks from Gerber.
She is always jabbering, crawls everywhere and follows us when we leave the room. She loves playing with her brother and bath time. She loves standing up in her crib so she can see Connor in the other crib. And she loves playing "patty cake" with daddy.
She is still a good sleeper and still has her very predictable internal clock. She is now waking up at 6:00 am on the dot every morning, no matter what time she gets to sleep or what goes on during the night.
She crawls everywhere, pulls herself up on everything, and is now starting to let go and stand on her own. She walks a little bit with her walker but I have to be right there so it doesn't get out from under her. She feeds herself with finger foods.
"Dada", "Mama" (Just this week! Makes me so happy!), "Hey", and waves "Bye Bye"
She is so funny. She's independent, sassy, sweet, smart, has no fear, loves attention and shows off as soon as she sees people, no matter if she knows them or not. She always smiles at everyone when they look at her. She loves to play "peek a boo" and loves being scared.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

First OU/Texas game

We had a few firsts this weekend.
Saturday, the babies experienced watching(or not watching) their first OU/Texas game.  David and I used to go down to Dallas for the game every year, until we got married and then life changed a little bit, so we haven't been in a few years.  Which I'm ok with staying at home, going to a friends house for the day, cooking out, and watching football all day instead of going down to Dallas and spending a few hundred dollars and feeling like crap when I go back to work on Monday!

So this is how we spent our OU/Texas Saturday this year:
Watching the game with Daddy.
Giving Daddy "kisses".
The babies did so good for a full day watching football. They took a little nap, ate a good lunch, played with the bigger kids and I don't remember them getting fussy one time! I was so proud (and exhausted!).
We also went to the park for the first time.
Connor is teething and has been so fussy but he's been working so hard on sitting himself up and he finally did it for the first time on Sunday. He's done it a couple of times since then but it's so exciting to see him being able to do it and not get frustrated about laying down all the time.
I love all of the firsts!

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Pumpkin Patch

Our first trip to the pumpkin patch!
My big girl is so independent. She's starting to get brave and try to let go of things and stand on her own.
Chloe has been pulling herself up on everything for a while now. Connor just isn't quite there yet, but he loves for us to prop him up on something so he can stand. Then when we set him back down (or he falls down), he gets upset and wants to stand back up. He thinks he's a BIG boy when he gets to stand up!
Connor has one tooth on the bottom and that tongue is ALWAYS playing with it!
"Stop kissing me all the time mom!"
He's telling me ALL about it!
Our first trip to the pumpkin patch can be summed up like this...
The babies loved it.
They loved seeing all the people and playing with the pumpkins.
I missed all the fun by trying to take as many pictures as possible.
The pumpkins are expensive!
We'll be going back soon to have more fun and maybe get some of those expensive pumpkins.