Tuesday, October 16, 2012

First OU/Texas game

We had a few firsts this weekend.
Saturday, the babies experienced watching(or not watching) their first OU/Texas game.  David and I used to go down to Dallas for the game every year, until we got married and then life changed a little bit, so we haven't been in a few years.  Which I'm ok with staying at home, going to a friends house for the day, cooking out, and watching football all day instead of going down to Dallas and spending a few hundred dollars and feeling like crap when I go back to work on Monday!

So this is how we spent our OU/Texas Saturday this year:
Watching the game with Daddy.
Giving Daddy "kisses".
The babies did so good for a full day watching football. They took a little nap, ate a good lunch, played with the bigger kids and I don't remember them getting fussy one time! I was so proud (and exhausted!).
We also went to the park for the first time.
Connor is teething and has been so fussy but he's been working so hard on sitting himself up and he finally did it for the first time on Sunday. He's done it a couple of times since then but it's so exciting to see him being able to do it and not get frustrated about laying down all the time.
I love all of the firsts!

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