Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Chatting with Chloe

Some of the funniest things come out of Chloe's mouth on a daily basis. You never know what that girl is going to say or do. Her most common expression is "I'm trying to say something". And she "loves" everything and everything is her "most favorite in the whole wide world".

These are just a few things that have happened in the past week:

#1: Connor was telling me how he needed some pads so he could play football (that was his obsession of the moment), and Chloe interrupts and says "I'm trying to say something. I get lots of boo boos so I need 2 Ipads."

#2: One morning while they were eating breakfast, I asked Chloe if she wanted a ponytail or pigtails that day and she said she wanted "pink" tails. So after I did her hair and walked away I heard this conversation:
Chloe: "Hey Connor. Connor. Connor, I'm trying to say something."
Connor: "I'm trying to eat."
Chloe: "But Connor, look at my pink tails."
Connor (looking up at her hair like he is really interested): "Oh. And I see you have one on the other side."
Chloe: "Yep." And she touches both sides to make sure they're both there.
And then they go back to eating their breakfast.
Connor is going to be the best husband to someone one day because he will have had to listen to Chloe his entire life.

#3: I recently got a few more highlights in my hair and after studying it for a few seconds she says "Your hair is turning white!  You're just like Anna and I'm like Elsa."
#4: Last night Chloe told me that she's Daddy's girl and that she only loves Daddy. And then I told her that us girls need to stick together. And without even missing a beat, she says "But we don't have any glue".

Monday, April 27, 2015

Our Weekend

This past Friday, David had a suite for his clients for the Driller's game so we tagged along. I left Cooper out because I knew it was going to be a lot to keep up with the twins while David had to talk to everyone and we were going to get home pretty late.
We had an endless amount of food and the kids were in heaven with all of the popcorn and sweets.
They started to get a little restless when I cut off the popcorn so we went walking around and played on the inflatables. And they actually stopped me and wanted me to take their picture!
Connor really got into all of it. He would explain to me that one player was going to hit the ball with his bat to another player and then run.
 He also kept track of Hornsby all night and was so excited when we stopped by our suite.

Saturday was so nice that we decided to skip our nap after soccer and play in the water! Cooper isn't ready to skip his naps just yet, so again, I have no pictures of him (Sorry Cooper).
These two are so silly together and they just keep getting closer and closer.
They don't always agree and you would think they would want their own space sometimes, but that never happens. They seem to always be together lately.

Monday, April 20, 2015

Connor & Mommy Date

I saw a commercial for the Tulsa Auto Show on tv last week and it advertised that you could meet your favorite super heroes like Captain America in person! I just knew I had to take Connor and I told David that I really wanted to take just him. I feel like I don't get much one on one time with my big boy and this was my chance!

We snuck away while Chloe and Cooper were napping and I didn't tell Connor where we were going. So he was a little surprised when we walked in and saw Iron Man!
After we saw Iron Man, we had an hour to kill before Captain America made his appearance. We walked around and looked at cars, Connor played on the inflatables, and we ate Connor's favorite snack, popcorn.
Connor also loves Jeeps. He will spot one from a mile away and then talk about it the whole way home. So of course he needed to sit in one!
I was looking at another car, just for me and he asked me if I would let him sit in it and take his picture.
We also met OU Football player Blake Bell. Connor was more excited about his autographed football picture than the actual football player.
Captain America is his favorite (or at least he is right now). And I didn't tell him who was coming up next, I just told him that we had to wait for the next super hero to get here. And when he asked me who it was I just told him it was a surprise. After a few more times of him asking and me saying that I didn't know, he said "I think it's Captain America".
Finally Captain America shows up!
When our turn was up we headed towards the exit and stopped to potty first. Then Connor tells me that he needs to tell Captain America bye. So we head back to see him and Connor yells "Bye Captain America!" and Captain America turns to Connor and waved bye. It was so sweet.

Even though I know it's good to get the kids out and spend one on one time with them and make them feel special all by themselves, they really do miss the other one. Connor talked about Chloe the whole time. We saw a pink car and Connor said "Chloe would love that car". And then we saw a lady with pink shoes on and he said "Chloe would love those shoes". He thought about her the whole time and when we were driving away he said "I'm going to tell Chloe all about it."

Then we get home and Connor is telling David about it and I bring him my phone so he can show David and Chloe the pictures and Chloe got so excited and saw the inflatables in the background and she said "Maybe next time I will go". I felt so bad and it broke my heart.
 But I know Connor needed this time too. I do plenty with Chloe and we get one on one time every week when I take her to dance. She is by no means neglected when it comes to attention. But she sure does know how to tug on those heart strings.
But it made me realize that maybe they don't mind sharing all of their time with each other and really do love doing everything as a pair.

Monday, April 13, 2015

10 Months!

Cooper is 10 months old!

He's wild and crazy and climbs on everything. He does everything that's dangerous...climbs stairs, pulls on lamp cords, finds small toys from the big kids laying around everywhere, slams his fingers in drawers and cabinets. I honestly don't remember the twins being this dangerous combined!
We are so ready for warmer weather because these chunky thighs don't fit into pants anymore!
I love my sweet ornery boy so much!
 I told David the other day (and crying as I talked about it), but it's so fun and amazing to see him get bigger and do all of the firsts that we've seen the twins do and I get excited knowing how much he's going to change and become a little person like the twins are now.  But it also makes me so sad because it's going so fast. Part of me wants him to stay a baby forever. In just two months, he's going to be one. A toddler!! Not a baby anymore!

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Easter 2015

Saturday evening, we hunted eggs at GiGi and Papaw's house.
I love how Connor's arm is around Cooper and how Cooper watches their every move.
They take such good care of him and he adores them.

We had heard the Easter Bunny had just hopped away from Gigi's house so the twins were pumped up about finding some eggs.
Connor would say "I think I see something shining at me over there."
They would shake their eggs and say either "I think it's money" or "I think it sounds like jelly beans".
For some reason, it was just assumed that Chloe got all the pink eggs. Connor would point out every pink egg to her and if he picked one up he would give it to her. And then she just started assuming every egg he picked up was for her and would just walk over and grab it out of his hands. He didn't seem to care though because he was already looking for the next egg.
And Cooper was just his normal sweet self. He is such a good baby and just hangs out.

The Easter Bunny came Saturday night and even left his dirty paw prints all over the back porch! Connor and Chloe got so excited when they saw the prints and Connor said "I think I heard him last night". It was so sweet and I loved every bit of their excitement over everything. They loved everything in their baskets and Connor told me that his monster truck was "just what he wanted" and he hasn't put it down since.
I didn't take pictures Sunday morning because I just enjoyed the moment (Even though I do wish I would have taken pictures of the paw prints before the rain washed them away. I was pretty proud of those!).

We went to Grandma and Papaw's house for lunch and to hunt eggs with all of the cousins.
It was cold and rainy, but that didn't stop these crazy kids!
And again, it was assumed that Chloe got all of the girly eggs and Connor got all the boy eggs.
We also played a few games!
They also ate candy all day and crashed on the way home.

And they wore their new jammies the Easter Bunny brought them to bed.