Monday, April 13, 2015

10 Months!

Cooper is 10 months old!

He's wild and crazy and climbs on everything. He does everything that's dangerous...climbs stairs, pulls on lamp cords, finds small toys from the big kids laying around everywhere, slams his fingers in drawers and cabinets. I honestly don't remember the twins being this dangerous combined!
We are so ready for warmer weather because these chunky thighs don't fit into pants anymore!
I love my sweet ornery boy so much!
 I told David the other day (and crying as I talked about it), but it's so fun and amazing to see him get bigger and do all of the firsts that we've seen the twins do and I get excited knowing how much he's going to change and become a little person like the twins are now.  But it also makes me so sad because it's going so fast. Part of me wants him to stay a baby forever. In just two months, he's going to be one. A toddler!! Not a baby anymore!

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  1. He is so cute and he reminds me of Penelope, probably because they are both little chubs! It's so sad how fast they grow, I wish it didnt go by so fast :(