Monday, April 27, 2015

Our Weekend

This past Friday, David had a suite for his clients for the Driller's game so we tagged along. I left Cooper out because I knew it was going to be a lot to keep up with the twins while David had to talk to everyone and we were going to get home pretty late.
We had an endless amount of food and the kids were in heaven with all of the popcorn and sweets.
They started to get a little restless when I cut off the popcorn so we went walking around and played on the inflatables. And they actually stopped me and wanted me to take their picture!
Connor really got into all of it. He would explain to me that one player was going to hit the ball with his bat to another player and then run.
 He also kept track of Hornsby all night and was so excited when we stopped by our suite.

Saturday was so nice that we decided to skip our nap after soccer and play in the water! Cooper isn't ready to skip his naps just yet, so again, I have no pictures of him (Sorry Cooper).
These two are so silly together and they just keep getting closer and closer.
They don't always agree and you would think they would want their own space sometimes, but that never happens. They seem to always be together lately.

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