Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Easter 2015

Saturday evening, we hunted eggs at GiGi and Papaw's house.
I love how Connor's arm is around Cooper and how Cooper watches their every move.
They take such good care of him and he adores them.

We had heard the Easter Bunny had just hopped away from Gigi's house so the twins were pumped up about finding some eggs.
Connor would say "I think I see something shining at me over there."
They would shake their eggs and say either "I think it's money" or "I think it sounds like jelly beans".
For some reason, it was just assumed that Chloe got all the pink eggs. Connor would point out every pink egg to her and if he picked one up he would give it to her. And then she just started assuming every egg he picked up was for her and would just walk over and grab it out of his hands. He didn't seem to care though because he was already looking for the next egg.
And Cooper was just his normal sweet self. He is such a good baby and just hangs out.

The Easter Bunny came Saturday night and even left his dirty paw prints all over the back porch! Connor and Chloe got so excited when they saw the prints and Connor said "I think I heard him last night". It was so sweet and I loved every bit of their excitement over everything. They loved everything in their baskets and Connor told me that his monster truck was "just what he wanted" and he hasn't put it down since.
I didn't take pictures Sunday morning because I just enjoyed the moment (Even though I do wish I would have taken pictures of the paw prints before the rain washed them away. I was pretty proud of those!).

We went to Grandma and Papaw's house for lunch and to hunt eggs with all of the cousins.
It was cold and rainy, but that didn't stop these crazy kids!
And again, it was assumed that Chloe got all of the girly eggs and Connor got all the boy eggs.
We also played a few games!
They also ate candy all day and crashed on the way home.

And they wore their new jammies the Easter Bunny brought them to bed.

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