Friday, June 21, 2013

17 Months!

C&C turned 17 months on Wednesday. I can't believe how fast time is flying now. I feel like we are so busy with just day to day things.
So, finding time to take their picture for this post was a challenge.
 We've had a lot of sickness between these 2 lately. It all started with Chloe getting Strep (for the 2nd time this year). Then, a few days later, I had to take her back to the doctor because she never really broke her fever and she was coughing a lot and just wanted to lay around. It had turned into a respiratory infection (I later found out that the doctor thought it might be pneumonia). A few days after that, Connor got sent home from school with a fever that turned out to be a virus (we think). So he was home from school for a few days. We thought he was better, no more fever but still on antibiotics, but then got another call from school that he had a fever again. That lasted for a few days and I think we are all finally better. All except David who is now sick with allergies.
So when I finally did find time to take their pictures, they were too excited to just be outside and I couldn't get them to sit still next to each other for very long!
So this is what I ended up with:
I looked back at last month's post before I wrote this one and not much has changed with Connor.
He is just typical ALL boy!
He loves cars, trucks, trains, airplanes, and animals. So he was in heaven when we rode the train at the zoo!
He loves pointing out "ducks" (every bird he sees).
He has been very cuddly lately since he's been sick.
He has started sharing a little more with Chloe and actually taking toys to her to play with.
He loves Mickey Mouse and can say "Mickey" now.  He also tries to say "Hot Dog!" 
He waves "Hello" to every passing car and if it's a truck he says "truck!" instead.
This is him waving at a car that drove by.
I love this sweet little face.
 He got his tan on our vacation and his hair has turned lighter. He definitely is my little summer surfer baby.
She is a mess! That's all I have to say.
 She is funny and very sweet.
She is turning into a little momma. She has become attached to one of her baby dolls and she tries to give it her binkie and something to drink from her sippy cups and even wipes her butt with a wipe. Earlier this week when I had to pick them up from school early because Connor was sick, she walked over to him laying on the floor and patted his back like she was saying "it's going to be ok bubba". And the teachers said that she had been doing it all morning. She was trying to take car of her brother!
That's the only major change I have noticed with her this past month. She still likes the same toys, with the exception of her baby.
  She talks a little bit more than Connor does and says a few more words but I have read that it's normal for girls to talk a lot first.
She is pretty animated about things. I sometimes tell her that she is being a little dramatic and she just smiles at me. Just this morning, she was starting to whine about me not holding her because I needed to go get Connor out of bed and I asked her if she was dramatic and she nodded her head yes! She nods "yes" to most things but she does know what "no" means because if she doesn't want to do something she says "No!"

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