Monday, August 27, 2012

Spending time with my babies

I turned 30 last week and I got to do my most favorite thing...spend time with my precious babies. I took a few days off work and just spent all my time with them.
We played outside.
And went to visit a few people at my work and GiGi's work.
We went shopping.
We went to our last swim lesson of the season.
And we played inside, alot.
Connor is now super attached to his "bink". He used to just need it when he was taking a nap or going to bed, but now he wants it all the time and if he doesn't have it he's looking for it. I don't think this is a good idea!

Monday, August 20, 2012

7 months!

The babies are 7 months old!


I can't believe another month has already passed. They're getting so big and I think I've noticed the biggest changes from 6 months to 7 months.

Age: 7 Months
My big boy is wearing 12 month clothes and I'm guessing he weighs about 20 pounds.

Favorite Toy:
He still loves his jumperoo and his soccer ball that plays music. He's gotten a few new toys that he likes, like a toy that has a spinning wheel that plays music and the alphabet that GiGi got them. He also loves to play with his paci.

Favorite Food:
This boy will pretty much eat anything but I think he favors the fruits, of course. I can't really tell what his favorite it because he loves all of them!

He loves bouncing in his jumperoo, playing with Daddy, playing with sister, sitting up, splashing in the bathtub and blowing bubbles. He loves being in the water and swimming. It almost looks like he's doggy paddling when we're at swimming lessons.

He's still sleeping through the night. Goes to bed at 8:00 pm and wakes up between 6:30 and 7:00 am. We thought there might be a little bit of teething happening because he would wake up crying, but we still don't have any teeth. He's napping better now that I have put them in separate rooms to nap but it takes a little while for him to get settled down enough to fall asleep. He would still rather be cuddled and rocked for his naps.

He's sitting up full time now on his own. He can't pull himself up to sit up but if we sit him up, he stays there and he actually prefers it. It makes it easier to play when he's sitting up. He is grabbing at anything and everything and can move it from one hand to the other. He drinks from a sippy cup pretty well and likes the taste of water.

He's getting a little more hair and his bald spot in the back is filling in.

He's still my sweet, cuddly, baby boy but he's turning into more of a Daddy's boy instead of a Momma's boy. He lights up when David walks into the room and is always looking around for him. He melts my heart when he looks at me and grins a really big gummy smile and then hides his face and acts embarrassed. He loves for us to be looking at him all the time and if we aren't he does whatever he can to get our attention. He laughs when we stand him up and when we tickle his belly. He loves playing peek-a-boo and discovering new toys with his sister. He's still very laid back which I'm thinking is going to be a good thing when it comes to Chloe messing with him all the time. He just lets her pull and tug on him all the time. He gets her back too though.

Age: 7 months
She's growing out of all of her 6 month outfits and is wearing 9 month everything now. She weighs about 15 pounds.

Favorite Toy:
She still loves her Moo Moo and has to have it for naps and bedtime, but she loves playing with her baby doll, her teething ring, and her paci. She also likes to play with the same wheel Connor does that GiGi got them.

Favorite Food:
She does pretty good with almost everything. The only thing she would probably leave out of her diet would be Sweet Peas...she's not a fan. But she loves Sweet Potatoes and all of the fruits.

She loves playing in her exersaucer and on the floor with her brother. She watches everything he does and usually tried to steal the toy he's playing with.  She also loves being in the water, swimming, and splashing in the bath tub.


She still loves her sleep and her naps. She sleeps through the night but usually wakes up first, around 6:00 am every morning, almost on the dot, and just plays in her crib with her baby doll and stuffed animals. She will fall back asleep sometimes and get back up when she hears Connor get up. She's always in such a good mood in the mornings and will always great us with a big smile when we come to get her out of bed. I go in to kiss them goodbye in the morning because I leave for work before David gets them up and she is usually awake when I go in there. She will smile at me and "talk" to me which sounds like she's purring. And then she will go back to playing after I leave.

She is also sitting up full time now but falls over a little easier than Connor does. I have to put a few pillows around just in case she jolts back for some reason. She's leaning forward like she's going to crawl if there's something she sees she wants out of her reach. She picks up the sippy cup and usually just plays with it without any desire to actually drink out of it.

She hasn't grown very much more in the last month, just a little fuzz. And her bald spot is growing in on the back.

She's still my independent, predictable, busy body, little girl. She has stopped being fussy most of the time and now is usually smiling, jabbering, and squawking at someone or something. It looks like she's going to be pretty social and loves to have all of the attention on her when she comes into the room. I'm pretty sure she thinks everyone is there to see her where ever we go. It's almost like she shows off a little when she meets someone new. She's definitely going to have a big personality. She still isn't a big cuddler and has to be on the go constantly like she has something to do. I'm going to be in big trouble when she figures out how to start crawling!

More from our photo shoot:

Connor: "Here, let me help you with that."

"Almost got it!"

"Got it! Now I can eat it!"

"Ok, now let me help you with this..."

Poor Chloe. I'm so glad we didn't get her ears pierced now because I know he would be grabbing for those too!

I love you babies so much and I'm so happy with how much you've changed my life. You mean more to me than I could have ever imagined!

Friday, August 17, 2012

Friday Cuteness

And before you say anything...Yes, that's drool all over Connor. He leaks constantly! So even if I did go change him, the new shirt would be drenched in about 2 seconds anyway!

And the sharing problems begin...they already want what the other one has.

Chloe's pretty good at playing keep away.

I think someone may be a little bit of a bully...

I love Connor's face in this picture. It's not what it looks like though...he was actually blowing bubbles. Ha!