Wednesday, January 30, 2013

A Winter ONEderland for 2!

The babies turned 1 on January 19th and we celebrated with a Winter ONEderland themed birthday party.
As I mentioned before, I didn't take a single picture at the party and I'm so happy with this decision.
Instead, I hired Jenny Collier to photograph the party so I could actually enjoy it! I got 145 pictures from the party and I wish I could post all of them because I love every single one. But here are few of my favorites.
I ordered the smash cakes from Ann's Bakery in Tulsa, but I ordered the cupcakes from Sam's and I couldn't be happier. They were really good cupcakes and I got 30 for $13.98!

A banner of their monthly onesie pictures.

I felt so bad because the babies really weren't in the party mood. Chloe was getting sick (I didn't realize this until the morning of the party), and Connor was teething and just had to warm up to all of the people.

You can tell by Chloe's face that she was already over it!

My parents and my grandparents that drove all the way from Alabama for the party!

David's family.

We got REALLY lucky with the weather. It didn't really go along with my winter theme, but it was perfect for a birthday party. It was sunny and in the 60s.
 So the week of the party, when the weather report was looking good, I ordered 2 bounce houses for the kids. A large one and a toddler one. It worked out to be perfect for the kids. I don't think anyone was bored!

Chloe was so miserable. She just wanted her Moo Moo, her Bink, and to be held.

Time for cake!

And there's Moo Moo.

Of course my little ham loves the attention!
At this point she had a death grip on Moo Moo.
He loves his chocolate cake!

She got white cake. My plan was to get one of each and let them each try both.
I'm pretty sure this is how she felt about the whole party! But I love it! It's priceless.

Finally! A smile!!!

Time to play...

My little man and his walker.

After he had his cake, Connor perked up and actually enjoyed the party. He loved the bounce house!

And while Connor was outside socializing with his guests, the party girl was inside doing this...

Time for presents!

At the end of the party, when everyone was leaving, both kids decided to start having fun! They were smiling and waving bye bye!

Overall, I'm really happy with the party. I loved how it all came together, that the weather was nice, that our friends and family showed up, and that I got great pictures of it all! I hated that the babies didn't enjoy it at first and felt bad for most of the party and that no one really got to see them be their silly, sweet selves. But what can you do? I prepared for everything except that and you can't do anything about that.

But at least I got to see them smile at the end!

Monday, January 28, 2013

Playing in the Playroom

We recently turned the old "Man Cave" upstairs into the babies' new playroom. I'm not ready to post completed pictures yet because I'm still waiting on one more little detail. But it's basically finished. I love being able to take the kids up there and let them run wild and drag all of their toys out while I can sit on the couch and either catch up on a show, play on Pinterest, or just sit and watch them play without them running around the entire house and getting into trash cans and cabinets and anything else they are not supposed to. They have free range in the playroom.
Cooking in the kitchen.
Washing dishes. Good boy!
After slaving away in the kitchen, it's time to play the piano!
My big girl is walking everywhere!
And may I add that she is getting more hair! I like to call her Rapunzel now. Ha! I'm pretty sure it's curly too.
Connor has this new thing he likes to do with Chloe. If she is crawling around close to him, he will crawl after her and put his hands on her back and they crawl around like that together. He thinks it's hilarious but I think it annoys the crap out of her.
This is her "Save me mama!" face.
Connor: "Gotcha!"
This girl loves to pull off her socks. She does it when she's playing and when she's lays down for a nap.
 After this picture, I went to put her sock back on and Connor was sitting in his chair right next to her and I told Chloe that she needs to be a good girl and leave her socks on and I hear Connor say "Good Girl", well in his own version but it was a very good mimic of it. And we were trying to teach him to say Chloe but we think that might be a little hard at first so we tried to teach him "Coco" instead and he says it! So after he said "Good Girl" we tried to get him to say "Coco's a good girl" and he says it! Kind of. It sounds like "Coco go gol". It's so funny.