Thursday, January 3, 2013

Christmas 2012

We a busy but memorable first Christmas with the babies.
We had 4 Christmas celebrations if you include the one we had with just us. And of course, there are a LOT of pictures! I really tried to just sit back and enjoy the moments with them but I wanted pictures too! So I would take a few pictures and then set my camera aside.
First, my side of the family came over for an early Christmas.
I love Chloe's face in this picture! I think it was her thinking about doing her "Cheese" face, but she just wasn't ready yet.
And there it is!
Opening gifts was fun, but climbing on the boxes was way better!
There were more gifts and playtime the next day.
Even after getting all brand new toys, his walker is still his favorite!
Fighting over the walker.
The next day, we had Christmas at our house again, with David's family.
More gifts, and more boxes!
Then, Santa came! The babies got new chairs and stockings full of goodies.
This was my attempt at getting a family picture Christmas morning using my tripod...
After a quick nap, it was time to get dressed to go over to David's parents' house for our final Christmas celebration.
Afterwards, we came home and played for a little bit before bed.
I think Connor had had enough of Christmas at this point.
I think the babies enjoyed every minute of it. They loved the food, the gifts, the boxes, and all of the attention. And I loved every second I got to spend with them!

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