Friday, January 11, 2013

The flu

All of us got a flu shot months ago, but I guess that doesn't really matter because we have been struck. But luckily, as of right now, it looks like Chloe is the only one that has it.
 On Thursday morning, day care called to tell me that Chloe had a temperature of 101 and that she was acting like she didn't feel good, she was just laying on the floor instead of playing. So I left work and immediately called the doctor to try to get an appointment for her. All I have been seeing on the news is how bad the flu is this year and how people are even dying from it! By the time we got in to see the doctor, her temperature was 103.9. I could just feel the heat coming off of her. I felt so helpless, and scared. She was swabbed and it came back positive within seconds. We got her and Connor started on tamiflu as soon as possible. Even though Connor didn't have symptoms yet, the tamiflu is supposed to help prevent him from getting it from her.
So we have all been doing our best to keep everything clean and I'm trying really hard to keep them from sharing binks and sippy cups. It's so hard because they both put everything in their mouths and they pass things back and forth in their highchairs and cribs.

 Chloe wasn't too sick to go outside for a few minutes to enjoy the nice weather we had today.

 I still can't believe that Connor doesn't have it. But he is teething and I'm not really sure what's worse!


I REALLY hope this flu goes away fast because we have a very important birthday party next weekend!!!


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