Thursday, December 19, 2013

23 Months!

Connor and Chloe are 23 months today!
  And of course, it's freaking hard to get a picture of them together and both smiling or just both looking at the camera anymore, especially at night when all they want to do is watch cartoons.
I was trying to recreate something like these pictures from last year:
But this is what I got:
At least one is smiling so I'll take it!
Connor has had the biggest change in the last month. He is talking all the time. He seems like the more dominant one lately. It's so funny how their personalities switch back and forth.
He tells us about everything and there might be a lot repeating things!
Some funny things he has said lately:
At school, the teacher asked him "is this my Chloe?" and she said he got a real serious look on his face and said "Connor's Chloe".
When he was getting up out of bed a few mornings ago, he tooted and said "I tooted, SHEWY" and waved is arms to shew the stink away.
He randomly yells out "Mommy's Baby!" and "OU!"
He tells everything "Bye Bye" when we leave somewhere including the tv.
He walked up to Chloe and a friend at school and said "Hi Guys!"
I took him to get his hair cut at JCPenny for the first time the other day and as we are walking through the store we pass some mannequins and he told them all "Hi" and waved.
He loves his trucks, his book about trucks, and his blanket.
He loves watching Nemo, Monsters, Inc., and Mickey Mouse.
He loves our elf Boomer and looks for him every morning when he wakes up.
I don't know if it's because Connor is talking a lot more or if she is changing a little bit but she seems more quiet lately. She has also been sick with ear infections and then an allergic reaction to her medicine, so that might have something to do it it too.
She loves to pretend play by herself with her dolls and Fisher Price Little People.
She loves watching TV more than anything.
She is very independent and insists on buckling herself in to her car seat and turning her DVD player on every time we get in the car.
She loves taking books to bed with her at night.
She is still very much into her schedule and routine and goes down really easily for nap and bed time and gets really fussy if she doesn't get to bed at her normal time.
She is a sweet girl that loves to sit with momma to watch the last cartoon before bed.
She loves taking baths and playing in the bath tub and we have a hard time getting her out of the tub. She tells Connor "no" and then mumbles something like she is getting on to him when he is doing something she doesn't like.
She says complete sentences but they are very quiet and just come out of nowhere. For example, last night I was putting a headband on her and she said "No! I don't want it!" Most of her sentences are a little bossy.
She tells Connor "Don't do that".
We had a real conversation the other day. She came home with pigtails in her hair and I asked her who fixed her hair and instead of just staring at me or talking about her hair she replied back with "Shelby", her teacher.

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