Wednesday, December 11, 2013


I really couldn't decide if I wanted to get an Elf on the Shelf this year or not. I thought the twins were probably still too young to really even understand it anyway and that they would just want to get him down every day and fight over play with him.
That was until we watched the movie about the Elf on the Shelf one night. They really liked the short little movie and I ordered an elf that night. It was already the second week of December, so no, we didn't start right after Thanksgiving. And since they are still really young to understand it all, Boomer isn't as mischievous as other elves. He just shows up in different places each morning. And when they kids get up, they run into the living room to look for him. And throughout the day they will look for him again and say "Hi Boomer!" and they tell Boomer night night each night. I think they like it.
So, the first night, Boomer arrived with new Christmas Jammies and a book about himself.
We tell them that Boomer is watching and that he goes to see Santa every night to tell him if they have been good or bad so they better be good and sweet to each other. Then we tested it out and told them to hug and kiss each other.
They loved their new book and their new jammies.
That night I was also trying to come up with a clever way to announce the pregnancy.
So far, these are the places Boomer has shown up at:

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