Tuesday, December 3, 2013


Last Tuesday night, we ate dinner, had baths, loaded up the car and drove all night to Huntsville, Alabama to my Mamaw and Papaw's house.
We only had to stop one time for gas and unfortunately that's when the kids woke up. It was about 1:00 am and Connor went right back to sleep as soon as we got back on the road, but Chloe decided it was time to watch movies.
She was up for 3 hours watching movies! So when we got there at 6:00 am, Connor was up ready to play with everyone but Chloe didn't want to wake up.
They did so much better than I expected. They played with everyone and didn't cling to me the whole time like they normally do. They were getting so much attention that I actually got to sit back and relax and watch.
Chloe showed off what she has learned at dance class a few times and Connor talked more than I have ever heard before. They were also pretty sweet to each other. I'm glad other people finally got to see what we see all the time!
Saturday morning, we ate breakfast and loaded up the car to head back home. The drive home was pretty good. They love watching movies so they were pretty content when they weren't sleeping. Thank goodness for DVD players! I will say it over and over again!

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