Monday, March 19, 2012

2 months

Connor and Chloe,

Today, you're 2 months old!

I can't believe how much you've changed in the last month! Even just in the last week!

You now look at us instead of off into space all the time, and if we're lucky, you give us a big smile. So we're constantly talking in a really high pitched voice and making funny faces to get you to smile.

You're both on a new feeding and sleeping schedule this week and its really helped get my sanity back! You're pretty close to sleeping through the night and it's working out great. Mommy is VERY thankful that we're getting close!

You both love to eat!

You usually take turns being fussy and are rarely fussy at the same time, unless it's feeding time and mommy is taking too long!

You are sleeping in your own cribs in the nursery (because Chloe starting kicking Connor when she got fussy) and most of the time you can both sleep through each other's screaming fits.

You're favorite toy is still the bouncer...and mommy really wished they bounced themselves!

You both do really well in the car, unless we stop moving. The same goes for the stroller. We have to keep it moving!

At your 2 month check up, you weighed 10 pounds and were 22.5 inches long.

You've grown out of the newborn clothes and are now in 0-3 months.

You're still my sensitive baby that loves to cuddle and be held. You love bath time and getting your hair washed and you love to hold your head up and look at everything.

At your 2 month check up, you weighed 8 pounds and were 21 inches long.

You finally fit into newborn clothes like you're supposed to.

You're miss independent and you let us know when we're doing something you don't like. You are starting to smile all the time and you look at me and listen when I talk to you.

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