Friday, March 23, 2012

Hello old friend!

The babies turned 9 weeks old yesterday and to celebrate...Momma put her pre-pregnancy jeans on!

I'm very proud to say that in 9 weeks, I've lost the almost 70 pounds I gained while I was pregnant and I'm just 2 pounds shy of what I was the day I found out I was pregnant!

I credit the entire weight loss to breast feeding 2 babies. I haven't done a thing except take a few walks down the street and back. I'm in no way bragging, it just amazes me that this actually happened. And I want to mention that I was 30 pounds lighter the day I came home from the hospital, just from the babies and all of the fluid. I had TONS of fluid!
And I'm not at all ready to jump into a bikini, but if I was forced to, I would be a little proud considering this is what I looked like 10 weeks ago...

I would be more embarrassed by how top heavy I am rather than my little bit of tummy I have left over!

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  1. Tara!! That is amazing! Great job!

    That picture you posted of Connor smiling yesterday was so cute. Congratulations!!