Monday, June 25, 2012

We got a pool!

I wish it was the kind of pool you're thinking...but it's not.  Maybe one day. But until then, this is what we have to settle for...

It's getting so hot outside but I'm sick of sitting inside all day on the weekends and the babies love the water, so I blew this sucker up and put water in it and stuck them out there in their bumbos.

Chloe loved it and kept trying to lean over to touch the water.

Our fun time lasted for about 20 minutes and then Connor pooped and we had to go inside. I'm not sure if it's the water or just the time of day but this is the second time Connor has pooped in a pool! Don't worry, he wears a swim diaper, I just know he's pooping because of his face.


We decided it was time to try veggies this weekend. Well, it really wasn't the plan, I wanted to wait until after we went to their 6 month check up, but for some reason our day care lady keeps asking when I'm going to start them and told me that all of the other babies are already eating them including a baby that is just 3 days older than the twins. Also, cereal and oatmeal haven't been going over that great, they just seem bored with it and not really into it. I'm pretty sure that's because the day care lady is adding apples to their oatmeal during the say so why would they want to eat boring plain oatmeal at home? I won't go into how mad this makes me because I had no clue this was happening and I was getting so frustrated at home when they didn't want to eat for me. I contributed it to just being tired and fussy during their evening witching hours but I'm pretty sure this is the reason. I'm also convinced that's she's already fed them veggies, but I won't go into that either. So I'm just pretending that we got to feed them veggies for the first time. And from now on I'm hoping that I get to choose when they start something! We started with squash.

Connor is such a good eater, if you can't already tell from his chunkiness. I'm pretty sure he will never turn away a meal. We couldn't feed him fast enough. After every bite he would yell like he was saying "More! More! Hurry!".

Chloe takes her time and usually eats about half of it and then she's over it and ready for her bottle or just to get out of the high chair.
She doesn't like to sit in her high chair for very long so sometimes I had to feed in her in her bumbo seat.

And she gets pretty sleepy towards the end of her meals.

So our feeding schedule now looks a little like this:
7:00 - Oatmeal (I add a little bit of baby prunes in it to help regulate the babies because their soy formula stops them up a little bit), and a bottle.
10:30-11:00 - 2 ounces of veggies and a bottle.
2:30-3:00 - bottle
5:30 - Oatmeal with prunes and veggies
7:00 - bottle

It does feel like we are just stuffing food down their throats all day but we don't force it on them. I want to keep a schedule to maintain my sanity with 2 babies but I don't force them to eat it all, I just offer it. Of course Connor usually eats all that is offered to him but Chloe will stop when she's full. And really, it's not that much compared to some 5-6 month olds that are still getting up and eating in the middle of the night a couple of times. My babies get all of their food and calories during the day and sleep a full 10-12 hours straight through every single night. So I think I'm doing something right.

A friend of mine compared feeding her baby to getting her fattened up for the county fair and that's the best way I could describe it to!

Friday, June 22, 2012

Friday Cuteness

Some bloggers have Wordless Wednesdays where they just post a random picture from the week without any story or words to go along with it. So I think I'm going to start "Friday Cuteness" and just try to post a picture of the babies from the week.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

5 months!

The babies are 5 months old!

Age: 5 months
Wearing 6-9 months clothes but quickly growing out of all the 6 months stuff.
  Favorite Toy:
Brown Bear, his paci, and this cloth ball that he scrunches up and puts in his mouth. He also loves the jumperoo that's still a little too big but we put a pillow under his feet and he bounces away.
Favorite Food:
He loves to eat. We are officially on full formula now, no more breastfeeding. He eats between 8-10 ounces in each of his bottles about 4-5 times a day. He eats a bowl of oatmeal twice a day and I think he likes it. He does really good with spoon feedings.
He loves to chew on his fingers and everything else he can get his hands on and stick in his mouth. He loves our attention and to play with us.
He loves his sleep and his sleeping between 11-12 hours every night. He is getting a little better at napping but he takes more of a cat nap each time instead of a deep sleep nap like sister. But he takes really good naps if we rock him to sleep and hold him the whole time.
He rolled over from his back to his front one time that so far and I missed it! He keeps trying every day to do it again though. He rolls from his front to his back pretty good. It's very curious and studies everything. He grabs for everything and then studies it and then it usually goes in his mouth.
His hair is growing in more and it's getting long and wild.

My sweet, happy boy that loves attention. He's happy about 95% of the time and usually only gets fussy when he's really tired. He loves it when we talk to him and usually tries to "talk" back. He's pretty laid back and just wants to be held and cuddled. And I just have to do this...I'm sure he will die when he sees this one day...But this is his poop face:
Yep, he pooped right in the middle of our photo shoot.
How funny is that?!
I'm so happy I caught this on camera. I'm sure he will love seeing this on the Internet when he's a teenager.
Poor baby...

Age: 5 months
Wearing 3-6 months clothes but quickly growing out of the 3 months.

Favorite Toy:
Her "Moo Moo". It goes everywhere with us because it usually soothes her during fussy moments. She also loves her exersaucer.
Favorite Food:
She's not too crazy about solid foods yet. She usually just wants her bottle and acts like she doesn't have the patience for the spoon feedings. She's eating between about 5-8 ounces in her bottles about 4-5 times a day.
Jibber Jabbering! And she does it loudly. She just found her voice in the last couple of days and she loves to hear herself talk. She for sure isn't going to know what an "inside voice" is.
She's a good napper and is pretty predictable about when she's going to nap. She loves her bedtime and she lets us know about it. She loves to fall asleep pushed up against the bumper in her crib and if we put her there right away she usually falls asleep before we leave the room.
She can roll over from her front to her back very well but hasn't shown any interest in rolling from her back to her front. She grabs at everything and does it very matter of factly like "I want this so I'm just going to grab it", where as brother seems to contemplate it a little more.
She's getting more fuzz on top.
Still pretty sassy. Even her jabbering is done with an attitude. She smiles a lot more now, but I'm still waiting on a real giggle from her. She has a little bit of a temper and gets super mad, then tired and falls asleep, and then wakes up as the sweetest baby. She smiles at us really big in the mornings when we wake her up (yes, we wake our babies up instead of them waking us up! Lazy babies!). She loves the water and being outside and is very interested in everything going on around her.

When we're out in public, people have come up to us to tell us how well behaved the babies are and that they can't believe they haven't cried or fussed or anything. First, I always wan to tell them they I don't know what babies they're talking about because they should see them at home during their witching hours in the evenings. But I just smile and say thank you. I really am a proud momma when someone says this. But the truth is that it's all just timing. I know what time of day the babies are in the best moods and I know that we need to go wherever we're going right after a feeding so they are content but way before a nap so they don't get overly tired. This is usually just about 1 1/2 time period. I know what activities will put them to sleep and I also know their limits. I know when to leave somewhere before they even get the chance to get fussy. So yes, they do look like perfect little angels, just at the right time of day!

Here are our perfect little angels during our usually fussy time at the end of our monthly photo shoot:

Poor Connor...

Monday, June 18, 2012

Father's Day 2012

David finally got to experience his first Father's Day as a dad yesterday. We didn't really have any plans but that's what David said he wanted to do. He just wanted to spend the day with his babies.

The day went like this: The babies slept in until about 8:00 which was amazing! They had gone to bed exhausted at 8:00 the night before and I just knew they would wake up early, like around 6:30 or something because they had eaten early that night and everything. But nope...they slept a full 12 hours and had gone about 13 1/2 hours in between feedings. I think they like sleeping in since they have to get up at 6:30 during the week to go to day care. So we got up and fed the babies and then had some play time while Daddy opened his gifts.

Then the babies took a little nap. After their nap and bottle, we decided to run up to the pool for a little bit of swimming.
We can only stay for 30-45 minutes at the most before the babies start to get tired and fussy and then they're miserable. So we headed home for another nap. Of course Chloe napped for a while and Connor only napped for a few minutes before he was up wanting attention.

He loves playing with Daddy.
After nap and another bottle, we headed outside while Daddy grilled out and found a place for the stepping stone the babies made him for Father's Day.

And of course we had to have a photo shoot!

I know it's hard being a new Daddy and not knowing what to do automatically like mommies do. And I know it's TWICE as hard with twins. David has given up a little bit of his freedom since we've had the twins and I know he tries his hardest to help out. But most importantly he puts up with me. I don't know how to express myself very well when I need help with stuff and it usually comes out wrong. But David does his best to put up with me and I really do appreciate it.
These days, David is the one that gets the babies up out of bed in the morning and dresses them and takes them to daycare after I've already left for work. And I know what kind of job that is! But I'm also so jealous that he gets to see those first smiles in the morning when they wake up. They're always so happy to see us when we get them out of bed.

David, Thank you for being such a good Daddy. The babies love to play with you and I love hearing their giggles when you entertain them.   I love seeing their big smiles when they see you for the first time when you get home from work.  I can tell how much they've missed you all day.

I hope you had the perfect first Father's Day :)