Monday, June 25, 2012


We decided it was time to try veggies this weekend. Well, it really wasn't the plan, I wanted to wait until after we went to their 6 month check up, but for some reason our day care lady keeps asking when I'm going to start them and told me that all of the other babies are already eating them including a baby that is just 3 days older than the twins. Also, cereal and oatmeal haven't been going over that great, they just seem bored with it and not really into it. I'm pretty sure that's because the day care lady is adding apples to their oatmeal during the say so why would they want to eat boring plain oatmeal at home? I won't go into how mad this makes me because I had no clue this was happening and I was getting so frustrated at home when they didn't want to eat for me. I contributed it to just being tired and fussy during their evening witching hours but I'm pretty sure this is the reason. I'm also convinced that's she's already fed them veggies, but I won't go into that either. So I'm just pretending that we got to feed them veggies for the first time. And from now on I'm hoping that I get to choose when they start something! We started with squash.

Connor is such a good eater, if you can't already tell from his chunkiness. I'm pretty sure he will never turn away a meal. We couldn't feed him fast enough. After every bite he would yell like he was saying "More! More! Hurry!".

Chloe takes her time and usually eats about half of it and then she's over it and ready for her bottle or just to get out of the high chair.
She doesn't like to sit in her high chair for very long so sometimes I had to feed in her in her bumbo seat.

And she gets pretty sleepy towards the end of her meals.

So our feeding schedule now looks a little like this:
7:00 - Oatmeal (I add a little bit of baby prunes in it to help regulate the babies because their soy formula stops them up a little bit), and a bottle.
10:30-11:00 - 2 ounces of veggies and a bottle.
2:30-3:00 - bottle
5:30 - Oatmeal with prunes and veggies
7:00 - bottle

It does feel like we are just stuffing food down their throats all day but we don't force it on them. I want to keep a schedule to maintain my sanity with 2 babies but I don't force them to eat it all, I just offer it. Of course Connor usually eats all that is offered to him but Chloe will stop when she's full. And really, it's not that much compared to some 5-6 month olds that are still getting up and eating in the middle of the night a couple of times. My babies get all of their food and calories during the day and sleep a full 10-12 hours straight through every single night. So I think I'm doing something right.

A friend of mine compared feeding her baby to getting her fattened up for the county fair and that's the best way I could describe it to!

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