Monday, May 20, 2013

16 Months!

Connor & Chloe turned 16 months old yesterday!
I know I've mentioned it before, but it's so hard to get a picture of them together these days! They won't sit still! I do tend to get more pictures of just Chloe because she will actually listen to me sometimes and go sit down and let me take her picture.
Wears 18-24 month clothes.
Loves trucks, cars, airplanes, and animals.
Loves his blue blankie.
Loves blocks and balls.
Loves pushing things around in his shopping cart. We find the shopping cart all over the house with random things in it. This morning, I found it in our bathroom with a stuffed penguin and a bottle of lotion in it.
Loves Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Chuggington, and a new cartoon called Henry Hugglemonster.
Loves watching the airplanes fly around by our house and can point them out before I can even hear them.
Loves to sit in the driveway and wave "Hello" to every passing car. And he says "truck" when a truck drives by.
Loves driving his cars and trucks all over the house and has to take a few to bed with him at night.
Loves watching tv with Daddy in the recliner.
Wears 12 -18 month clothes.
Loves her Moo Moo, Sofia doll, Minnie Mouse, and her blankie.
Loves her new butterfly pillow pet and her vanity play set. I have caught her a few times in the corner with her vanity, brushing her hair and putting on her "makeup".
She has turned very girly lately and loves jewelry, headbands and bows (finally!), and she is even wearing sunglasses for longer than 5 minutes!
Loves to take pictures and even smiles when she sees me get my camera out but then runs away by the time I turn it on.
Loves throwing and kicking the ball.
Loves playing on the slide in the backyard.
Loves just being outside. She can pretty much entertain herself when we are outside.
She picked some "flowers" and smelled them and said "oooh!"
Afternoon snack outside.
Drinking juice boxes for the first time.
Trying to give bubba his ball.
My attempt at taking another picture of them together.
It got really hot and muggy here on Saturday so I decided to get the kiddie pool out and fill it. Then it got cold and the babies had to take a nap. So I figured I just wasted my time. But after they woke up, we played outside and it got hot and muggy again. So I just stripped them down and put them in the pool. Chloe kept trying to climb in anyway.
They loved it! Then they started getting tired again.
After dinner, we went back outside to enjoy some GoGurts!
We're so excited that summer is FINALLY here!

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