Thursday, May 16, 2013

Being Silly

David got me this really amazing video camera for Christmas this year and I love it so much.
I love home videos and I love them even more now with my kids in them!
All of my cameras are never far away and the other night the kids were being extra silly and jabbering away, making no sense and cracking each other up. So I grabbed my video camera. I recorded for a few minutes and got some really cute stuff of them (I tried posting the video on here but it must be too long because I couldn't get it to work).
Ok, now back to my video camera. A few of the things I love about this camera is that it's so easy and quick to turn on so I don't miss any of those funny moments. After we're done recording, we can watch the video on the wall with it's built in projector and the screen can go up to like 60 inches or something crazy like that. Also, while I'm recording, there is a feature that detects the faces and it takes pictures WHILE I'M RECORDING!  We had no idea that it did this and at first I thought I must be hitting some button while I'm recording them to make that happen, but nope.  It does it all on it's own.  I never know when it's taking a picture until after I'm done recording and I look at what I just did or until I download it to my computer.
So the other night, I captured this picture while I was recording and I think it sums up what the video was about...them being silly!
Connor was pointing and saying "you you you" and then laughing at himself. And I think Chloe was saying "uh oh".

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