Monday, January 20, 2014

2 Years Old!

Connor and Chloe turned 2 years old yesterday!
We had their birthday party on Saturday (I don't have any pictures to share yet), but yesterday we went to the donut shop for breakfast, came home and watched a movie, took a nap, played outside, went to the park, went to McDonald's, ate left over cake, took a bath, watched our favorite show Little Einsteins and finally got into bed.
*Super Silly boy. He turns into a clown in front of people.
*Loves roaring like a lion and randomly yelling "OU!" (which he did at the park yesterday).
*He is always bossing taking care of his sister.
*He loves trucks and tractors and airplanes.
*He loves watching Mickey Mouse, Octonauts, Little Einsteins, Toy Story, and his new favorite The Lion King. He tells me "Simba a lion...ROAR!"
*It's almost been a month since Christmas and he still tells me that Boomer, our elf, is with Santa Claus.
*He loves helping me unload and load the dishwasher.
*He loves to play with Brutus.
*He tells everyone he is "Momma's Baby".
*If you ask him for a hug he gives one and then says "kiss" and gives kisses.
*He says everyone is "silly" right now and that everything is "cool".
*Sweet, silly, shy, little girly girl.
*She loves baby dolls, her Barbie, princess stuff, and puzzles.
*She loves watching Mickey Mouse, Little Einsteins, Nemo, Cinderella, and Doc McStuffins.
*She is very independent and insists on doing everything herself like taking off her clothes for bath and buckling her car seat. She always says "Chloe do it!" and then she will say "I did it!" with a big smile on her face.
*Even though she is independent, she will follow her bubba around and do everything he does.
*She can count to 10 and does it all the time.
*Most of the time, she will give me a silly smile if I ask to take her picture.
*Every time she gets hurt, even if it's just a little boo boo, she says "Momma kiss it" with her bottom lip sticking out and when I do, she immediately feels better. I secretly hope this never goes away.
I didn't take any pictures at the birthday party. I wanted to enjoy it. So I had someone else take them and I just haven't gotten them yet.
  But here is one I took with my iphone at the end of the party of the kids that were still there and then one of just Connor and Chloe after everyone had left.

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