Monday, January 27, 2014

Our Weekend

Connor and Chloe haven't had much one on one time with us lately because of the holidays and then getting ready for their birthday party. And I can tell when they have had too much time together and they need a break.
 So at the end of the week, I decided it was time for David and I to take one child and do separate things.
Since Chloe has dance on Saturday mornings (and David isn't too excited to go to Mommy and Me dance class), I took Chloe and he took Connor.
We went to dance, did some quick shopping to kill some time and then went to watch Frozen again. Chloe and I both loved this movie the first time we saw it so I knew she would love it again. I told her that morning that we were going to go to the movies and she said "See Frozen".
We ate popcorn (for the first time) and candy and she never took her eyes off of the movie. She was very concerned about princess Anna though and she would say things like "Princess Anna ok?" during the part where she becomes frozen.
David took Connor with him to visit his grandparents. He said he played and acted silly the whole time and showed everyone how he can do flips. He is such a silly boy. I texted him to get a picture of them together but Connor was already asleep in the car.
After both kids got home and took a nap, we all went outside to play since the weather was SO nice!
I guess Connor has claimed this bench because he gets really upset if Chloe sits there and I think she does it on purpose.
I think the time apart was good for them because when they did get to play together afterwards, they were buddies (for the most part). They followed each other around, laughed at each other, and I think I heard Connor say "Where Chloe at?" at least 30 times over the weekend.
Connor even helped Chloe up the slide...
On Sunday, we did more playing inside in the morning and then after our nap we headed back outside. The weather was perfect!
It was a great weekend and we had so much fun playing with the kids. They have changed so much even in the past week. They seem so much older since their birthday and they say and do so many funny things. And them getting along and playing together like best buds was the best part.

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