Thursday, April 19, 2012

3 months!

Connor and Chloe are 3 months old today!

I looked back at my post for when they turned 2 months and saw that I posted some about what they are "both" doing. But trying to figure that out for this post was a little harder because their personalities are coming out and they are really different babies. So the only thing to say about "both" of them is that they're eating the same amounts and I think they're recognizing that we're mom and dad. That's pretty much where the similarities end!

Connor, you're still my laid back cuddle bug, Momma's boy.

You get a big smile on your face when I pick you up from day care and you see me for the first time. It melts my heart because it makes me feel like you missed me all day and are happy to finally see me.

You hate naps and love watching tv (don't judge me!). You fight falling asleep and act like you don't want to miss anything.

You love to stick your tongue out and you think it's so funny when Daddy sticks his out too.

Chloe, You're my independent little sassy britches with a fiery temper.

You can sit up straight in the Bumbo and you try really hard to sit up on your own out of it. You also like to lock your legs when we hold you up like you want to stand all the time.

You're very good at taking naps and have a good routine. I think you're going to be like me and prefer schedules and planning.
You go to bed on your own and you love to fall asleep watching the lambs on your mobile.

You love to smile and stick your tongue out.
But you can go from this...

To this...

at any moment!
But that's're just a girl that knows what you want! I think you're going to end up paying me back for how I was as a little girl!

Here are some pictures I took of them this morning before they went to daycare...

Poor Connor has crazy hair and sleepy eyes. He's not a morning baby...


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