Monday, April 23, 2012

Busy Weekend

We had a pretty busy weekend and I'm feeling the effects today! Saturday, we loaded the babies up and headed down the road an hour and a half to see GiGi and Papaw at the lake.
Connor and Papaw
Connor with GiGi and Papaw
And if you're wondering why all of the pictures are of Connor...Chloe is usually taking a nap. She eats, plays for a few minutes and then starts to get sleepy and then fussy, so we put her down for a nap and she falls asleep. Connor refuses to nap and I'm now starting to think it's his way of getting all the attention for about an hour or so.
Chloe and GiGi
I love this picture of Chloe and Connor...They finally noticed each other!
They stared at each other for a long time!

Connor and Momma before bath time Saturday night...

And then Sunday we went to a fun birthday party for a friend's 2 year old. It was the babies' first birthday party to attend and I had planned on taking pictures of them in their cute outfits. But David and I both had a baby in our arms the entire time and the camera wasn't even taken out of the diaper bag. But we had so much fun seeing Bobby turn 2!

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