Friday, February 28, 2014

We love bath time!

24 weeks

I'm 24 weeks today! 104 Days to go!
Pregnancy Highlights:
How Far Along: 24 Weeks
Size of babies: 11.8 inches long
Total Weight Gain/Loss: Gained 20 lbs (I had gained 27 lbs by this time with the twins)
Maternity Clothes: Um yeah.
Gender: Surprise!
Movement: All the time, but most movement is at night when I'm getting ready to go to sleep.
Sleep: Not great. I'm getting uncomfortable and I feel like I toss and turn all night.
What I miss: Nothing.
Cravings: Sweets, but I'm trying to control myself.
Symptoms: I'm starting to have a little bit of heartburn, but not too bad. My legs and feet ache at night when I get into bed.
Best Moment this week: Having Connor tell the Baby "Night Night" before he went to bed.
Time to compare pregnancies:

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Stuff I don't want to forget...

The kids say and do so many funny things these days and I really need to be documenting all of them.
Their personalities really do go back and forth every few months.
 At first, it seemed like Chloe was the outgoing one and Connor was the laid back, relaxed one. Then it switched to Connor being the jabberer and talking nonstop and Chloe being so quiet that I thought something was wrong with her all the time.
 Now it has switched again and Chloe is talking nonstop and Connor a little more reserved but not by much.
  It's like she is coming out of her shell or just figuring her personality out. She is very sweet and says things like "Awe, how cute" all the time. But she is also very strong willed and doesn't forget anything.
Yes, she lined up her princesses.
She is always asking "What's that?".
She is very observant of people being "sad" on TV and wants to know why they are sad.
She is a big copy cat when it comes to Connor. If he starts laughing, she will start laughing, if he starts making a funny noise, she will make the same noise. If he starts banging his cup on his high chair, she starts banging his. If he screams that he wants chocolate milk, she automatically wants chocolate milk instead of the juice she just asked for.
If he fell down and got a boo boo and you ask him about it, in less than 2 seconds she will run up and say "Chloe fell down too" with a pouty lip and she immediately follows it with "but I be okay".
If Connor says he's a pirate, she will say she's a pirate too and say "Arg!"
It's almost like the SNL skit with Kristen Wigg where she says she does everything everyone else in the room has done only better.
She used to sit in her crib and play on Saturday mornings until we came and got her but she now starts yelling "I get up now!" over and over until we come get her.
She sits on the potty just to get M&Ms and every once in a while will actually pee pee and we make a huge deal about it and give her even more M&Ms.
 Connor is not impressed by the M&Ms and refuses to sit on the potty.
They have recently started fighting over me.  Not really for my attention but just about who's Mommy I am.  Chloe will say "My Mommy" and Connor will yell "MY MOMMY!" and it goes back and forth until we can get them to change the subject. 
They both think the word "Poopy" is hilarious and will say it over and over again and give each other the giggles.
The other night they thought it was hilarious to take turns hitting each other on the top of the head in the bathtub and when they start doing something like this they say "Chloe's turn", "Now Connor do it".
They like to put bubbles on each other's head and say "Bubble Head!" and giggle until their face turns red.
They also got the giggles when they started sitting on each other in the bathtub.
Most of our giggle moments happen in the bath tub. Maybe because they are confined to one spot together for a little bit or maybe because it's almost bedtime and they are delirious. Who knows.
After their bath each night, we take them to the couch and put lotion and jammies on them while they watch Little Einstein's. They play along and do all of the motions in the show and when it's over they say "Over, brush teeth" and we go brush our teeth, say our goodnights, put Chloe to bed, I rock Connor for one round of "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" that we sing together, and then he tells me "Night night time" and I put him in his bed. They know their routine and I think that's why we have been lucky so far with them not fighting us to go to bed. We've done it like this for as long as I can remember. Thank goodness Little Einstein's is on Demand for the nights it's not on TV!

Monday, February 24, 2014


We had a busy, fun-filled day on Saturday.
 First, Chloe and I had Dance, then we went grocery shopping while the boys went to Home Depot and Target.
After lunch and a nap, we loaded up our beach towels and went swimming at the local YMCA. Well, Daddy, Connor, and Chloe went swimming while I watched and took pictures.
This girl loved it and even surprised us by just floating around on her belly and trying to kick her feet like she was swimming. She would even put her face all the way in the water and come up smiling.
We haven't been in a swimming pool since last summer and I'm sure they have forgotten all about it so when we got the floaties out Chloe asked "What's that?"
Connor was content on just walking around and splashing and he would come by me every once in a while and tell me about the shark on his float. I also noticed him following Chloe around while she swam everywhere.
Chloe loves slides so I wasn't surprised when she said she wanted to go down the slide. I was so nervous since there was water involved and it was a twisty slide instead of a straight one. They still seem way to little for those and end up hitting their heads the whole way down. But David took them up there and we just went for it and they loved it! Chloe went down about 10 times in a row but then it was time to go. Connor was happy just watching her after he went down about 5 times.
We live right next to a little airport where people fly private planes and small kit planes and stuff just for fun. So we are always watching the airplanes fly. On our way home from swimming, it was so nice outside that we weren't ready to go in just yet so we headed down to the runway to watch the airplanes take off and land.
  I decided to go to a kids consignment sale on Saturday night and got a few good deals and found some fun new to us toys for the kids. I couldn't wait to show them what I got Sunday morning... Connor got some Buzz Lightyear wings and a Jake doll and Chloe got a Hello Kitty purse and some electronic kitty cats that walk, meow, and purr.
Connor loved that his new Jake had a sword just like him!
I also was in the process of cleaning out Connor's room and closet and he found his cowboy boots and wanted to wear them so he could be like Buzz AND Woody (and at this point we had to watch Toy Story).
He wanted me to get a picture of the back.
They're now in a phase where when Connor does something, Chloe has to do it too. Or if Connor fell down, Chloe will tell you that she fell down too. Well, Connor had his boots on so Chloe had to have hers on. And Connor had a little bump on his leg and Chloe kept saying she has a bump too but that she will "be ok".

Monday, February 17, 2014

School Valentine's Day Party

I took the afternoon off to go to the kids' Valentine's party at school. And of course, when they saw me they thought it was time to go and it took a little time to convince them to sit down and eat some treats.
  I took my camera but every time I get it out I get a look like this...
So I have to either be really quick and get one when they aren't looking or be sneaky and use my iPhone.
And no, I didn't fix her hair like this.  She looks like a Dr. Seuss character! She left the house in pigtails and this is what was happening when I got to the school.
They both had a Cheeto in one hand and a cookie in the other.
I can get them to smile if they can see themselves while I'm taking the picture. So we do a lot of selfies now.
There are 18 kids in their class and they each brought a Valentine's for each other. This is what Connor and Chloe brought...
We ended up with a lot of candy so we will be eating on it for the next month!
After the party, we played outside at home.
And when Daddy got home, we opened our Valentine's presents. Chloe got a Princess Anna doll from the movie Frozen and Connor got a Jake and the Neverland Pirates sword and telescope. They both LOVE them and have played with them all weekend.
They also love watching Frozen on my ipad that I found on Pinterest! I think Chloe watched it 3 times this weekend. And in the car we have to listen to the "Frozen song" (Let It Go).
On top of their big gifts, they each got a little goodie bag filled with stickers and fun small toys I got in the $1 section at Target.
Connor got some new glasses and Chloe got a new princess crown.

Friday, February 14, 2014

Valentine's Day 2014

I had a big plan of getting the kids dressed up all cute and showing them all kinds of cute Valentine's stuff this morning so they would be in good moods and I could get a few cute pictures of them. I decorated their doors with hearts and I put heart wall paper up on the wall for them to stand in front of for pictures.
Well, this is what I got.
Chloe would stand there for me but she wouldn't look at me. Connor wouldn't even go near it. He was in a REALLY bad mood this morning and wasn't up for anything.
They weren't very impressed with their doors either...
I'm going to their Valentine's party this afternoon at their school so I hope they cheer up a little more before then!
It used to be so much easier when they would just sit there and let me take their picture!

22 Weeks!

I'm 22 week today!  Only 17 weeks or 118 days to go.
Pregnancy Highlights:
How Far Along: 22 Weeks
Size of babies: 11 inches long (Measured by full body now, not just head to rump)
Total Weight Gain/Loss: Gained 16 lbs (gained 22 lbs at this time last pregnancy).
Maternity Clothes: Yes
Gender: It's going to be a surprise!
Movement: Yes, harder kicks and jabs now.
Sleep: Not that great. I fall asleep good but wake up often to either pee or because I'm having so many dreams every night.
What I miss: Putting on my socks easily.
Cravings: Nothing really. I'm still eating my normal foods I always eat.
Symptoms: I'm starting to have a little bit of heartburn.
Best Moment this week: I ordered a single stroller!! No more huge strollers for me!
I'm so lucky that this pregnancy has been pretty easy and uneventful, but it sure makes for boring posts!
Time to compare pregnancies.

Monday, February 10, 2014

Old Navy Fashion Show

A few weeks ago, I saw a post on Facebook about a kid fashion show at our local Old Navy. I thought it would be cute and it's just for fun, so if they throw a huge fit during it would be no big deal.
I called to get details was told someone would call me back. Well, they never did, so I just forgot about it until this past Thursday when the manager of the store called to tell me that they twins needed to come in to try their outfits on.
 So we did. And it was a disaster. Chloe did fine. She is easily distracted by the toys they had in the store, but not Connor. He is usually the one that actually does like to try on new clothes for me, but not this time. He screamed and screamed and I experienced my first public temper tantrum. I knew it was their fussy time of day so I just summed it up to that and moved on.
For the next few days, I would talk to them about being in the fashion show to get them really excited about it. I've found that talking about this stuff over and over helps so they aren't just thrown into it and get scared. We did the same thing with Santa and their birthday party and it seemed to work (Connor is still talking about Santa and our elf Boomer).
The show was yesterday afternoon at 2:00 but we had to be there early to get dressed. And yes, this was right at their naptime, but I figured we would be good since they both slept in a little and we had just layed around all morning instead of playing too hard. Chloe started getting a little sleepy right after lunch so I decided to try to lay them down for about 45 minutes. I had no idea if this was going to turn out good or bad. Chloe never actually fell asleep, she just played in her bed, but Connor did fall asleep and that worried me.  He usually doesn't wake up from his naps in a very good mood and he already hated trying on the clothes so I was getting nervous.
When we got there, we headed to the dressing room and luckily David was with me this time and I had help getting them dressed. We got Connor's pants on but when we put his shirt on he started screaming and yelling "Connor's clothes! Connor's clothes!". So when we got out of the dressing room, I was trying to calm him down and keep him from ripping the buttons off of his shirt to get it off. We walked around and he fell in love with this dog...
Chloe liked the little girls bows.
Then Chloe tried to get on the dog.
Chloe hugging the little girl.
That had calmed Connor down and then it was time to get our instructions for the show. Then we had to wait for our turn and I thought we were going to lose it all over again. I had to keep him distracted so we played with my phone.
I'm so glad I got this picture. I know it's blury of Chloe but Connor is in a blowing bubbles phase and he does it constantly.
This girl was ready to strut her stuff. I would ask her if she was ready and she would nod her head and say "I do it, ok".
I didn't get any pictures of them actually walking because I had to guide them down and David was recording it. But this is at the end of the show when all the kids walked down together.
I can't believe they actually held hands without fighting! And look how much taller Connor is than her!
It was fun and cute to see them do something like that. I'm so proud of them for actually walking down the runway by themselves and not running and screaming! Chloe even gave a wave when she got to the end.