Friday, February 14, 2014

Valentine's Day 2014

I had a big plan of getting the kids dressed up all cute and showing them all kinds of cute Valentine's stuff this morning so they would be in good moods and I could get a few cute pictures of them. I decorated their doors with hearts and I put heart wall paper up on the wall for them to stand in front of for pictures.
Well, this is what I got.
Chloe would stand there for me but she wouldn't look at me. Connor wouldn't even go near it. He was in a REALLY bad mood this morning and wasn't up for anything.
They weren't very impressed with their doors either...
I'm going to their Valentine's party this afternoon at their school so I hope they cheer up a little more before then!
It used to be so much easier when they would just sit there and let me take their picture!

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