Monday, September 29, 2014


This guy is now sleeping 10-11 hours at night!
I cut out his last feeding at night last Thursday since I was going to be off on Friday and it didn't matter if our morning routine was messed up and he did great! He slept 10 hours Thursday night because I had to wake him up Friday morning to take him to school since we were taking the twins to the fair.
And then Saturday morning, I didn't wake him and just let him sleep and he slept until a little after 7:00 am! That was 11 hours! He did the same Sunday morning, so I think we're sticking with it.
Last night was a little different because I think his stomach was upset and he kept waking up with gas. That was my fault. I knew I shouldn't have had that cheese quesadilla!
So he's in bed by 7:30 and I wake him up between 5:30-6:00 (because we're all out of the house by 7:00 am). 

And this girl loves to give hugs and kisses...

And Connor told me he was a daddy's boy but he "likes to cuddle with mommy in mommy's bed".


Connor is starting to obsess about football. He's gone to a few of his cousin's little league games and talks about it non-stop. He likes to sit outside and watch the games on tv with David and he would wear his football jersey every day if I let him.
 So we finally got him his own football and of course, you can't just buy one of something or there will be a fight, so Chloe got a pink football.

David took them out in the yard to teach them how to play.

Disney on Ice and the Fair

We took Friday off to take Connor and Chloe to see Disney on Ice at the Tulsa State Fair.
Yes, I'm the cheap mom that refused to pay $30 for a flashy light up thing they sell at these things.  I brought my own $.99 glow necklaces and bracelets and they never knew the difference.
Connor hates having his picture taken lately. But I do it anyway, of course.
They're getting a little too big for the stroller. And they wanted to walk the whole time anyway, so they were in and out of it. But I knew they were going to be tired from skipping their nap so my plan was for them to just fall asleep in the stroller. But nope, they weren't falling asleep. So we ended up with really cranky kids that kept telling me "I not tired!" "I don't need to go potty!"
I told Connor not to look at me...and I got the cutest pictures of him.
Chloe was a little creeped out by the giant butterflies (I kind of was too), but eventually she let me put one on her shoulder.
And after telling me she wasn't tired about 100 times, this happened as soon as we got in the car.
Chloe is still too short to ride any of the rides, so we had to stay away from that section to avoid a meltdown. Maybe next year.
 They didn't want to try any of the good fair food, so we wasted a little bit of money on things they said they wanted and then didn't eat.
Disney on Ice is a little too long in my opinion and they lose interest, so I think we'll skip that next year. But they have talked about seeing the princesses and Buzz since, so at least they enjoyed it a little bit. I do like that we went on a Friday this year instead of Saturday because I think we avoided the really big crowds.
 Overall, I think next year will be more fun for all of us.

Monday, September 22, 2014

Garage sale, concert, and a rainy morning

We had a neighborhood garage sale on Saturday and as always, we think we don't have much to put in our sale but end up getting rid of a LOT! This year we even decided last minute to sell our couch and chair in our living room! It sold and now all we have to sit on is one recliner and the kids chairs! I get to go pick out a new couch soon though.
Saturday night, David and I went to the Brantley Gilbert concert. I honestly had never heard of him before that night. I don't think I'm a huge fan of new country music. But David had to take some clients to it so I had to tag along. His company has a suite so we get free food and drinks and I rarely pass that up. Not a fan of Brantley though...I think I'm too old!

Sunday morning started off rainy, so we had to find entertainment inside.
We did laundry...
Played dress up...
And colored...
And while the twins took a much needed nap, Cooper and I played...

Being silly in the bathtub...
All clean and ready for bed...
And just like's time to start another week.

Friday, September 19, 2014

Random post about these two...

Today is "Fan Day" at school and Connor was excited to wear his "Football Shirt".
Everything automatically turned into football gear. He started saying his shoes are football shoes and his shorts are football shorts.
He went to watch his cousin Walker play little league football last weekend and ever since he has been obsessed with football.
 Walker gave David a picture of him in his uniform and Connor has been carrying it around with him and telling us all about Walker playing football and about his football helmet. Walker also scored a touchdown last weekend so this morning Connor told me that he needed to "do a touchdown" and that he "needed his helmet".

Last week, I got the kids new jammies and Chloe wanted me to take her picture. This was her pose of choice...
Her hands are on her hips.
She has really gotten into her baby dolls since Cooper has been here. More so lately though because Cooper stays awake longer so she sees me taking care of him more.
She will run and get one of her babies and take care of it just like I take care of Cooper. Her baby's name is even Cooper. She burps the baby, rocks the baby, and kisses it on the head. So it was no surprise when her teacher told me that Chloe fed her baby at school one day, but not with a bottle. She said that she pull one side of her dress down and breastfed her baby! The teacher just told her that we don't feed our babies like that at school and that we use a bottle instead. So now she tells me that she feeds her baby with a bottle. But I have seen her breastfeed one other time since that time at school. She's a mess!
We're still potty training.  Connor does really good and stays dry all day almost every day. I think he's had maybe 2 accidents in the last week.  So he's ready for underwear.  But he won't poop in the potty so I'm not sure when I should really switch him over to underwear.  I think he's scared to go in the potty and he says it hurts.  I sat in the bathroom with him last night for 30 minutes trying to make a game out of us "pushing" together.  Still nothing happened.  He's stopping himself up and I don't know what to do!
Chloe is hit or miss with the potty training.  She stays dry about half the time.  She's too busy to go to the potty.  They take her every hour at school and she still has accidents.  At home, she tells us she's going to "try again later" and runs away and as soon as we put a pull up on she pp's in it.  She just could care less about sitting in a wet pull up, but then she gets mad when we tell her she can't wear big girl panties yet.
I've tried bribing them with everything from candy to new bikes and nothing works. 
I will say that Connor can take himself to the potty, he can pull everything down or off, get on the potty, pee, wipe, and flush and pull everything back up.  So that helps us out big time!
Chloe will do it too but we just have to remind her of the steps.  She will pee and then just sit on the potty and wait for us to come in there so we have to remind her to wipe and then get down and then flush.
One day we'll be diaper free!  I just know it!

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

The second time around...

The first time you have a baby (or babies...), you spend all of your energy and time on trying to figure everything out.  Trying to adjust to this new life and just trying to survive.  I know I say that word all the time, but it's true.  You are just trying to make it through the day and get everything done in a little bitty window and still make enough time for sleep.

The second go around, you spend all your time soaking up the cuddles, smiles, giggles, and coos because you know how fast it will go.  Before I know it, this little boy will be walking and talking (and throwing temper tantrums like the other two!), and it makes me sad.  I want him to stay this little forever.

I love watching the twins grow and they can say some pretty funny things these days, but I'm glad I'm getting a second chance at this baby stuff.

Monday, September 15, 2014

Cooper's first trip to the Zoo!

We spent the morning at the Zoo yesterday and it was Cooper's first trip!
On the way there, we were asking the kids what they wanted to see most at the Zoo that day. Connor wanted to see the turtles and Chloe wanted to see the Zebras. She always wants to see the Zebra and our zoo doesn't have Zebras so the whole time she is asking over and over and we just keep saying that we're looking for them.
We asked them if they wanted to see the dinosaurs again and they both said no. So we were ok with that since it's an extra ticket for all 4 of us to see them. So turtles and zebras were our main focus. Oh, and Connor threw in lions at the last minute.
He was telling me not to take his picture.
Connor was excited to see this dinosaur and ran up to it with no problems. Chloe wasn't so sure and kept her distance.
David trying to get Chloe to come closer.
 I'm pretty sure the image of the dinosaur eating her dad isn't going to help!
But he was screaming for help, so she came to rescue him...
Then it was off to see the turtles.
Next up was the giraffes.

This boy loves lions. And this was the first time that we've actually ever seen the lion awake! And he kept roaring, but of course not while we were right there. We would be looking at something else and hear the lion roar and run over there and then he would stop. Connor roared at the lion though...
The dinosaur exhibit was right after the playground so we started hearing them and seeing them through the fence and Connor started getting excited and said he wanted to go see them. We talked Chloe into it and we all went in.
Chloe was still a little scared but we made it through with no tears and they even agreed to take a picture with T-Rex!
It was getting close to lunch time so we headed to ride the carousel and train before we left.
And finally...the zebra. Yes, we tell her this is the zebra. And she's ok with it.
Cooper did so good. It's so much easier to stray from a schedule with just one baby. He ate, he looked around, and he slept.
The train is still by far the twins favorite part of the zoo.

This was our family of 4 just 6 months ago on the train...
And now our family of 5 on the train...

David is wearing the same shirt! And Connor has a different hat obsession but he still has a hat on.