Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Our Weekend

We started our weekend off with a trip to see Santa on Friday night.
The kids had their wish lists ready to tell Santa!
Connor told Santa that he wants a Dinotrux, a train table, and a Hulk Smash car. Chloe told him she wanted a Ballerina doll and a Palace Pet Bright Eyes.
This Santa is the best. This is the 4th year in a row for us to go visit him and he always tells them that he loves them and thanks them for coming to see him.
Right before this picture, he looked at Chloe and held her hands and said "Are you the prettiest girl in the world?" She nodded her head yes and he said "Yes, you are."
After we visited Santa, we rode the carousal, ate at the food court, and walked around the mall.

Saturday, we finished putting the Christmas decorations inside the house, went to our cousin Jagger's birthday, and watched the OU football game with friends.

We did NOTHING on Sunday.
 I can't remember the last time we've had absolutely nothing to do. We all stayed in our jammies all day, except Connor. He gets dressed every day no matter what.
We lit a Christmas scented candle and watched movies all day long. It was all I could do to not put an actual Christmas movie on!

Thursday, November 12, 2015

The 3 Amigos

These three are best buddies (most of the time).
One of their favorite things to do is to push Cooper around in the wagon. He just laughs and laughs.
He always has entertainment with these two!

I was home with a sick Connor on Tuesday so I decided it was the perfect time to get the tree up.
It's almost impossible to get anything done when Cooper is there so I took advantage of the situation.
Connor helped me get the tree up and the main ornaments on and we saved the fun ornaments for Chloe and Cooper to help with.
He told me that he was the best helper in the whole world.
Chloe put on her favorite ornament, Elsa. And yes, Cooper is on a ladder! He's so fast and he's the 3rd child! He gets away with a lot more! What else can I say... Don't worry, he didn't fall.  He climbed up and down and up and down.
The finished product.
Cooper didn't want to take a picture. I'm sure he was pulling things out of a cabinet, playing in the trash can, or splashing in the toilet...

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Worth it

I love everything about this picture.

I love how grown up Connor looks.
I love that I can see his little boy hands. The same little hands that still hold on to his baby blanket when he's watching morning cartoons.
I love his big smile. His smile is my favorite thing about him. Randomly, he will look at me and just smile that big smile and it warms my heart and instantly puts me in a good mood.
And those big eyes. Those are heart breaker eyes and I'm no match for the big tears that come out of those babies!

I love how she looks at him. I hope she always thinks he's the funniest person she knows.
I love that I can see her pretty hair. It's grown so long but I never get to see it because she doesn't like her curls and calls it her "crazy hair". She asks for a pony tail every day because she doesn't want "crazy hair".
And I love her little profile.

And this little boy is perfection.  I mean, look at how handsome he is! 
I love his brown eyes and kissable cheeks. 
I love how he looks so different from the other two but I can see them in him and his expressions.

I can have the worst day, but the minute I see them and they run to hug me, it goes away.
Sometimes, I get really down and feel like everyone wants something from me and that I get nothing in return. But then I see pictures like this of my biggest accomplishments and I understand that what I get in return are these moments and these smiles.

Monday, November 2, 2015

Halloween Week

We had a VERY busy week!

Monday was dress up night at dance. Chloe was a kitty cat and Betsey was Princess Anna.
Tuesday, we had spiders and ghosts for breakfast.
And our last night of soccer for the season.
Wednesday, we went to the zoo to trick or treat at Hallowzooeen!
We saw our friend Remi from school.
Chloe's dress lights up and got a lot of attention.
Thursday, we played in the leaves after school.
Friday was costume day and Halloween parties at school.
Saturday was Halloween and we partied and trick or treated with friends and even made a stop at GiGi and Papaw's house.
Sunday, Connor went golfing with Daddy for the first time while Chloe and I watched Barbie movies and Cooper napped.