Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Monday, March 25, 2013

Easter Bunny 2013

A couple of weeks ago, we got all dressed up and went to see the Easter Bunny at the mall.
This was our visit with the Easter Bunny last year:
They cried the whole time and I was a nervous, embarrassed Momma just trying to get a cute picture!
And based on our experience with Santa, where Connor almost started crying and how they have had a little stranger anxiety lately, I was for sure they would scream as soon as we put them on his lap. I had even prepared David for the crying and I gave this whole speech about how we won't sweat it, we will just buy whatever we get, no matter what because this is IMPORTANT TO ME!
Well, thankfully, it turned out nothing like that and they did just fine!
It was a little hard to get them to both look at the camera at the same time, but since they were doing so good and not crying and there was no line behind us, I took full advantage and made the photographer keep taking pictures until I was a little satisfied.
And this is what we ended up with...
A smile and Connor looking up at the Bunny.  I'm more than satisfied.
We went out to dinner afterwards because they just looked so cute!

Swimming Lessons Week 2

This week, swimming lessons went so much better! I failed at trying to get a picture of them together before lessons started, but they were so excited to get in the water that I couldn't put them near the pool without them trying to just walk right on in.
Chloe was a little better at standing still.
David trying to wrangle Connor up to stand next to Chloe for a picture. It wasn't happening. He thinks it's a game now and runs every time.
This is the best I could do and Connor is running away again.
Connor went right in the water with David. The pool has a zero entry, like a beach, so the babies can walk in on their own while holding our hands. Chloe was still a little nervous at first and stood frozen at the entrance of the pool. But after I nudged her a little and we got a little deeper and she saw Connor splashing away with Daddy, she was all about it and I could barely hold her back.
She giggled throughout the entire lesson. She let me put her on her belly on the boogie board and then even let me lay her on her back on the board and she looked like she was so relaxed that she could just fall asleep on there! Then during the songs, I could barely hold her because she wanted to take off. She kept pushing me away.
Connor did a little bit better than last week. There were no tears this week but he still isn't sure about it completely. He likes the playing with Daddy part before the lessons start but doesn't like the boogie board part or the swimming noodle. He looked really tired the whole time too so that might be the problem in the mornings.
We got there about 20 minutes before class started so we could get them used to the water instead of just jumping right in to singing and splashing. I think this helped a lot!
We had the pool almost to ourselves.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

14 months!

C&C are 14 months old today!
Connor has turned into my little independent man. He is always just roaming the house by himself, seeing what he can get into.
He shocked me this month by doing some sign language I didn't know he could do (the sign for "more" when I was feeding him dinner).
He knows what a cow says..."ooooooo".
He loves to do the Itsy Bitsy Spider with his hands when we are getting ready for bed.
He loves throwing his soccer ball around the house and chasing after it just to do it all over again.
He loves to climb.
If I tell him "I'm going to get some kisses!", he raises his shoulders up and runs away giggling as fast as he can.
Some of his favorite things are:
His blue blankie
Shopping cart
His Fisher Price cd player
Mickey Mouse
Bubble Guppies
His shoes
Mac N Cheese
Splashing in the bathtub
I know this picture isn't the greatest quality, but I had to post it. I had just gotten my camera out to take these pictures and she sees me and walks up right in front of me and starts cheesing. And then she wanted to see the picture I took. Of course this makes me all giddy inside because my child loves to be in front of the camera!
Chloe has become my sweet and silly little princess. She loves to give hugs and kisses but can also give some of the sassiest looks I've ever seen. Not in a mean way, but in a silly way. She knows what she is doing because she gets a laugh out of us and that's what she wants.
She says a cow says "mmmmmm", so I guess if you put hers and Connor's together you get "mmmoooo".
She also loves to play with her soccer ball and will sit down on the floor and roll it back and forth to us.
She will answer most questions with a nod "yes", no matter what it is. It's better than "NO!" so I'll take it!
I think her all time favorite thing is the tv. She loves to sit in her chair and watch cartoons.
Some of her favorite things are:
Her Pink Purse Book
Moo Moo
Minnie Mouse
Shopping cart
Bubble Guppies
Mac N Cheese
They both also love wagon rides.
So sweet.
And then this is where the sassy starts...
By the way, she actually got up at one point and walked away and I was taking pictures of just Connor sitting there playing and she came back and sat down and that's when she started doing these faces! They are so funny and we are definitely entertained every day.

Monday, March 18, 2013

Swimming Lessons 2013

Last year, we did swimming lessons when the babies were 6 months old.
Last year:
This year, at almost 14 months old:
This year has started off to be a little more challenging. They are going through their cautious, scared of everything, clinging to mommy and daddy all the time, phase.
This was before the lessons:

She was all smiles. I think she saw all the big kids and wasn't really seeing the large swimming pool.

  Connor just took off almost into the pool all by himself. But once we actually got in the water, everything changed. Chloe was clinging to me for dear life. I'm so glad I cut her finger nails before this. Connor started out good, walking in the water in the shallow end but then he took a nose dive into the water and it scared him so it was all over after that.
Notice Chloe's bottom lip sticking out. And yes, we are the parents that are constantly making funny faces and silly noises to get our kids attention and to change their moods.
Clinging to the noodle.
I see a little smile there.
Daddy has to take Connor because he's a little heavy and we have to lift them in and out of the water the whole time.
Last year:
This year:
After lessons were over, we played in the water a little bit and C&C started having a little bit of fun.
Hopefully, next week goes a little better.

Monday, March 11, 2013

New activities

Lately, I've attempted to find other activities for C&C to do that don't involve Bubble Guppies or Mickey Mouse Clubhouse or my Tupperware. This weekend, we tried playing with cups.
This kept them busy for a full 15 minutes and I think it would have lasted longer but dinner was ready so I took the cups away.
They even liked loading the cups up in their shopping carts and pushing them around the house and then coming back into the kitchen and unloading them, playing with them some more, stealing each other's cups and loading them back up. We're definitely doing this activity again.
We also tried coloring with crayons for the first time.
They only tried to eat the crayons a few times and we just got one mark on something that wasn't paper. I have to say coloring was also a successful activity.

Friday, March 8, 2013

Playing outside

The kids having a witching hour from about 4:30-5:30 every day. This is the time from when I pick them up from day care until it's time for dinner. I'm always trying to think of ways I will get through it each day because I'm usually doing it by myself since David doesn't get home until later. So yesterday, I was thankful for the nice weather and that C&C are walking now so we could all go outside and play. But then I had to come up with something for them to play with outside and all I had was their soccer balls. It didn't really matter anyway because the only thing they want to do when we go out to our empty backyard is climb on these dirty, dangerous chairs.
Connor has really started liking balls. His soccer ball, the balls from his ball pit/tent, and misc balls from all of his other toys. I find balls everywhere around the house.
Yes, I know he has a snotty nose here, but I still think he's cute!
Chloe couldn't decide if she wanted to play with her ball or the grass.
I think it's time to start thinking about some outdoor toys and activities!