Monday, March 25, 2013

Swimming Lessons Week 2

This week, swimming lessons went so much better! I failed at trying to get a picture of them together before lessons started, but they were so excited to get in the water that I couldn't put them near the pool without them trying to just walk right on in.
Chloe was a little better at standing still.
David trying to wrangle Connor up to stand next to Chloe for a picture. It wasn't happening. He thinks it's a game now and runs every time.
This is the best I could do and Connor is running away again.
Connor went right in the water with David. The pool has a zero entry, like a beach, so the babies can walk in on their own while holding our hands. Chloe was still a little nervous at first and stood frozen at the entrance of the pool. But after I nudged her a little and we got a little deeper and she saw Connor splashing away with Daddy, she was all about it and I could barely hold her back.
She giggled throughout the entire lesson. She let me put her on her belly on the boogie board and then even let me lay her on her back on the board and she looked like she was so relaxed that she could just fall asleep on there! Then during the songs, I could barely hold her because she wanted to take off. She kept pushing me away.
Connor did a little bit better than last week. There were no tears this week but he still isn't sure about it completely. He likes the playing with Daddy part before the lessons start but doesn't like the boogie board part or the swimming noodle. He looked really tired the whole time too so that might be the problem in the mornings.
We got there about 20 minutes before class started so we could get them used to the water instead of just jumping right in to singing and splashing. I think this helped a lot!
We had the pool almost to ourselves.

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