Monday, March 18, 2013

Swimming Lessons 2013

Last year, we did swimming lessons when the babies were 6 months old.
Last year:
This year, at almost 14 months old:
This year has started off to be a little more challenging. They are going through their cautious, scared of everything, clinging to mommy and daddy all the time, phase.
This was before the lessons:

She was all smiles. I think she saw all the big kids and wasn't really seeing the large swimming pool.

  Connor just took off almost into the pool all by himself. But once we actually got in the water, everything changed. Chloe was clinging to me for dear life. I'm so glad I cut her finger nails before this. Connor started out good, walking in the water in the shallow end but then he took a nose dive into the water and it scared him so it was all over after that.
Notice Chloe's bottom lip sticking out. And yes, we are the parents that are constantly making funny faces and silly noises to get our kids attention and to change their moods.
Clinging to the noodle.
I see a little smile there.
Daddy has to take Connor because he's a little heavy and we have to lift them in and out of the water the whole time.
Last year:
This year:
After lessons were over, we played in the water a little bit and C&C started having a little bit of fun.
Hopefully, next week goes a little better.

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  1. How fun! Hudson & Ella took swimming lessons last summer here in Sand Springs. Looking for something out south this year. I was shocked at how much they learned during that short amount of time.

    Love Chloe's swimsuit. E has the same one. :)