Wednesday, March 6, 2013


Connor has become super attached to this blue blanket.
We've been putting this blanket in his crib with him since at least the fall to cover him up when it's cold. But lately, he wants to carry it out of bed with him in the mornings and carrying it around. And if he spots it when he gets home in the evenings, he carries it around then too. The only problem with this is that it's too long to be carried around and he trips over it about every other step. So we have to wrap it around his neck.
All of these pictures are from morning time and he is NOT a morning baby. So that's why I let him have the blankie AND the bink.
I get both kids up and dressed in the mornings and then I put them in their highchairs for a little snack of cheerios and/or bananas (they eat breakfast when they get to daycare) and they watch their favorite morning cartoons (Chuggington) and then I have to leave. Connor even wants to have his blankie in the highchair with him.
He looks so cute and sleepy in the mornings.

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