Monday, March 4, 2013

Diaper Babies

I've been waiting for C&C to be full time walkers before I let them run around in just their diapers. Something about them crawling around on the floor with no clothes on grossed me out and I just couldn't do it. And now that they are eating a lot of messy foods, we usually strip them down for dinner and then wipe them off a little and let them run around before we take a bath.
I don't know what it is, but they love to play under the high chairs.
This is the (messy) face Connor made when I told him to say cheese.  
After playing under the high chairs for a few minutes, they moved on to the Tupperware drawer.
They mainly just pull it all out and throw it all over the kitchen or run away and take some into the living room or hallway or dining room.  It's like they work as a team.  Chloe pulls it out of the drawer and hands it off to Connor and he takes off to dispurse it throughout the house.  I even found a lid in my bathroom last night. But I'm ok with that because it keeps them busy while I clean up the dinner mess and get ready for bath time.
Then they started playing with their soccer balls. Chloe likes to sit down on the floor and roll the ball back and forth with a partner, usually me or David. Connor has started picking up his ball and carrying it around the house and throwing it and then going to pick it up and doing it all over again.  He likes to chase it.  So now Chloe follows him around and does the same thing.
OK, disclaimer time:
Taking pictures of the twins is getting harder. They used to be in just one spot and if they were doing something cute, I could run and get my camera and snap away until I got a pretty good shot of their cute little faces. Now, they are VERY mobile and VERY fast so I usually just grab the closest thing I have and that's my phone. So I grab my phone and by the time I get to the camera on my phone, they have run away in a different room so now I'm chasing them and trying to get a picture so they all turn out blurry! I WILL get better at this!
But in the meantime, here are pictures of my blurry faced kids.

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