Monday, February 25, 2013

Tupperware, silly faces, and messy babies

C&C LOVE to play with the Tupperware. And I let them. At first I was completely against letting them get into any of the drawers and cabinets in the kitchen. But I quickly realized that I had no choice but to let them play with the Tupperware if I wanted to get anything done in the kitchen. I actually introduced them to the Tupperware instead of them just finding it. They pretty much know what cabinets and drawers they're allowed to get into and which ones they aren't. So of course they are still drawn to the ones they aren't supposed to be in but they always back away when we tell them no. The main purpose of Tupperware is to put it on your head, right?
These were the only pictures I could get of him facing me because now that he knows how to walk, I usually just get pictures like this:
And this:
I can't believe I have 2 walkers now! They still play with the walkers but not as often, only when they need to make a quick get away or if we are playing tag with each other. I will tell Chloe to "go get bubba!" and she will go after him and he will run (walk really wobbly and fast usually with the help of the walker) and giggle and when she gets to him she tickles him and looks to see if I saw her.
This is what Chloe did when I told her to say cheese...
She has been slobbering so much lately, but still no top teeth.  I know they HAVE to be coming soon!
We had spaghetti last night for dinner and C&C loved it. Chloe ate one noodle at a time.
And Connor grabbed hand fulls and shoved them into his mouth with about half of it falling into his lap.
And when one stops to take a drink, the other one has to take a drink too.
She's so silly.

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