Wednesday, February 13, 2013

1 Year Check Up

C&C's 1 year check up was a month late because they had RSV during their first scheduled appointment and the doctor didn't want to give them their shots then. So the next available was yesterday.
Connor weighs 26.6 pounds and is in the 95th %tile and he is 31 inches long. Needless to say, he's a very healthy boy! He loves to eat, that's for sure. He is even starting to try veggies that he used to spit out or not even put in his mouth.
He is taking steps on his own now but not walking full time just yet. He still loves pushing his walker around because he is so fast with it.
He now has 6 1/2 teeth and he loves brushing them after his bath every night.
Chloe weighs 21 pounds and is in the 60th %tile and she is 29.5 inches long.
She went through a phase of not eating very much but I think that was because she was sick. She now eats pretty good but is a little picky. She will not try her veggies and as of right now the only veggies I can get her to eat are the ones in the baby food pouches that are mixed with fruit. But she did eat some broccoli with her mac n cheese the other night.
She is walking pretty much full time now. She takes a lot of falls and it makes me so nervous because she is bumping her butt and her head a lot! But after a little whimper she is back up at it again.
She still only has 2 teeth, but I think her top teeth are coming soon.
After their appointment and a short nap, they were still really fussy and tired. So I tried to save the day with a good (and when I say good I mean frozen) lasagna. They LOVED it.
So messy! You would think this mess drives me nuts, but it really doesn't. I'm just happy that they can feed themselves now and that David and I can actually just sit and eat dinner ourselves! We go straight to the bath after dinner anyway so I usually do a big clean of everything while David is getting their bath ready.
Watching the news during dinner. They love the news.

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