Wednesday, November 20, 2013

22 Months!

I tried 2 different days to take pictures of the twins for this 22 month post but both were fails.
It's been too cold to be outside, but we did it anyway and went to the park because I thought they would have fun playing and I could just snap away. But Connor hasn't been feeling well lately and he just wasted in the mood. And then yesterday, I thought I could get a picture of them in front of the tree, but they were too busy watching tv and wouldn't take their binks out or even look at me. So I'm just doing the best with what I got.
She kept saying "Come on Momma!" She was ready to slide!
So here we go...
Connor and Chloe are 22 months!
(Sleepy, fussy Connor)
He is still my sweet cuddle bug, but goes from being super silly to throwing a huge toddler tantrum. Loves Mickey Mouse, Nemo, Elmo, and Buzz Lightyear.
Loves trucks and airplanes.
Loves his puzzle.
Loves to swing and slide at the park (even if it doesn't look like it on this day...).
Lately he has been fighting bedtime and I've had to let him cry it out all over again. But it usually only lasts 5-10 minutes and he's out.
Loves books and to be read to.
Still loves his binkie and his blankie.
Loves to help momma in the kitchen and with laundry.
Loves to play Ring Around the Rosie but doesn't "fall down".
I've trimmed his hair 3 times but it's getting out of control and I think it's time for a real hair cut. Just trying to prepare myself for losing his curls :(
Loves looking at pictures and naming the all of the people in them and he's finally figured out the baby pictures of them are "baby Connor and baby Chloe" instead of just "babies!".
Sassy, sweet, smart girl that loves her momma.
Loves her hair to be in a pony tail or pig tails lately.
Loves her baby dolls and stuffed animals and will rock them to sleep.
Loves puzzles and books and pretends to read them. Lately she wants to sleep with the book "Goodnight Moon" every night.
Loves going to dance class with momma. If you ask her if she went to dance, she will immediately say "with Momma!"
Loves to climb on everything like a little Monkey.
Loves playing upstairs by herself.
Loves turning the lights on and off.
Loves TV, but only cartoons and if you turn it off cartoons she will say "uh oh" over and over again until you turn it back.
Yesterday when I picked her up from school, her teacher told me that she went around all day yesterday saying "I cute!"
These are the pictures I attempted to take the second day.
Do you see the attitude I got?!
This is usually what they do when they get home from school. Veg out in front of the tv like a couple of teenagers. But it helps me to be able to cook dinner so I'm ok with it. You do what you gotta do!

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