Monday, November 18, 2013

Putting the tree up

We started putting our Christmas decorations up this weekend.  I started with the tree and did a few other things but I'm far from finished.  I hope to do a little bit every night this week to be completely finished by this weekend.

I wanted Connor and Chloe to help me with the tree this year.  I know they are still too little to really understand what's going on, but I had gotten them a Christmas book that has Santa in it and we talked alot about Santa before we went to see him.  The book also has a Christmas tree in it and reindeer and elves. 
When I started putting the tree up, both kids were upstairs playing in the play room.  But when I got the ornaments out, I called for them to come downstairs to see what I had.  Connor came (like a good little boy listening to his momma!), but I got a "No!" from Chloe upstairs. 

So it was just Connor helping me for a while. He watched what I was doing and then he started grabbing ornaments and placing them on the tree.
Yes, they were all going in one spot. But I just went with it. I figured I would let him do this and I would fix it when they went down for their nap.
Then Chloe came down to see what we were up to. She saw the tree, ran over to the book and turned the page to the Christmas tree. She knew what it was! She keeps calling it "Momma's Tree".
Of course she just added to Connor's pile of ornaments in the one spot on the tree.

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