Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Parent-Teacher Conference

This morning, I had a Parent-Teacher Conference over the phone with Connor and Chloe's teacher. I was so excited to hear what an outside person had to say about my precious babies!
She said:
They are right on track.
Connor is talking more and more every day and Chloe has been talking for a while now.
  Every day when Chloe wakes up from her nap she sits straight up and yells "Good Morning!" The teacher said she thinks she does this because of an exercise the class did together where they pretended to go night night and then wake up in the morning and say Good Morning.
They love to learn and love story time and art time.
Chloe loves to count. The teacher will count each child as they come in from outside and Chloe stands right next to her and counts along with her.
I asked her if they share well with the other kids because they don't share very well at home. She said that they don't take toys away from other but but they get really upset when others take their toys and that she is trying to work with Chloe on using her words when this happens because Chloe gets REALLY upset and screams. She also said that Chloe hoards toys, like she grabs a bunch of toys at once to play with.
I also asked her if they interact with each other or do they ignore each other and she said that they love on each other all the time. They give each other hugs and hold hands all the time! I can't believe it! I knew they actually liked each other! They just don't play with each other at home because they've been loving on each other all day and they are over it! HA! Who knows. But this made me happy to hear.
She also said that they nap close to each other and when one wakes up they will go over to the other one and wake them up by patting them on the back.

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