Tuesday, May 21, 2013

1st School Pics

The kids had their first school pictures taken about a month and a half ago. I was so excited to see how they turned out! I love seeing pictures of my kids but I just thought that it was so funny that they had their pictures taken without me there. I don't know why I'm amazed by that, but it's just a weird feeling! I can't explain it. So when I saw them, I just smiled from ear to ear! So cute!
Yes, they are so different from the professional pictures we've had taken of them over the last year and they were way too pricey! But there is just something about their FIRST ever school pictures! This is what we are going to look back on when they are graduating from high school.
I know that I am over sentimental, but I just can't help it.
And I'm not sure if these pictures will ever even make it in to a frame (I'm having a hard enough time catching up and framing all of our professional pictures taken from the fall!), but I will always cherish them.
Connor wasn't sure if he wanted to smile or cry, I guess. I just want to know WHAT he was thinking when they were posing him like that! HA!
And I was a proud picture taken momma when I saw this smile! She is very well trained when it comes to taking pictures! And on top of it all, I got a call from the school shortly after this was taken to tell me that Chloe had a 102 degree fever. Poor baby had strep and was still smiling!
I love my babies and I love pictures of them! Smile or no smile!

Monday, May 20, 2013

16 Months!

Connor & Chloe turned 16 months old yesterday!
I know I've mentioned it before, but it's so hard to get a picture of them together these days! They won't sit still! I do tend to get more pictures of just Chloe because she will actually listen to me sometimes and go sit down and let me take her picture.
Wears 18-24 month clothes.
Loves trucks, cars, airplanes, and animals.
Loves his blue blankie.
Loves blocks and balls.
Loves pushing things around in his shopping cart. We find the shopping cart all over the house with random things in it. This morning, I found it in our bathroom with a stuffed penguin and a bottle of lotion in it.
Loves Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Chuggington, and a new cartoon called Henry Hugglemonster.
Loves watching the airplanes fly around by our house and can point them out before I can even hear them.
Loves to sit in the driveway and wave "Hello" to every passing car. And he says "truck" when a truck drives by.
Loves driving his cars and trucks all over the house and has to take a few to bed with him at night.
Loves watching tv with Daddy in the recliner.
Wears 12 -18 month clothes.
Loves her Moo Moo, Sofia doll, Minnie Mouse, and her blankie.
Loves her new butterfly pillow pet and her vanity play set. I have caught her a few times in the corner with her vanity, brushing her hair and putting on her "makeup".
She has turned very girly lately and loves jewelry, headbands and bows (finally!), and she is even wearing sunglasses for longer than 5 minutes!
Loves to take pictures and even smiles when she sees me get my camera out but then runs away by the time I turn it on.
Loves throwing and kicking the ball.
Loves playing on the slide in the backyard.
Loves just being outside. She can pretty much entertain herself when we are outside.
She picked some "flowers" and smelled them and said "oooh!"
Afternoon snack outside.
Drinking juice boxes for the first time.
Trying to give bubba his ball.
My attempt at taking another picture of them together.
It got really hot and muggy here on Saturday so I decided to get the kiddie pool out and fill it. Then it got cold and the babies had to take a nap. So I figured I just wasted my time. But after they woke up, we played outside and it got hot and muggy again. So I just stripped them down and put them in the pool. Chloe kept trying to climb in anyway.
They loved it! Then they started getting tired again.
After dinner, we went back outside to enjoy some GoGurts!
We're so excited that summer is FINALLY here!

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Being Silly

David got me this really amazing video camera for Christmas this year and I love it so much.
I love home videos and I love them even more now with my kids in them!
All of my cameras are never far away and the other night the kids were being extra silly and jabbering away, making no sense and cracking each other up. So I grabbed my video camera. I recorded for a few minutes and got some really cute stuff of them (I tried posting the video on here but it must be too long because I couldn't get it to work).
Ok, now back to my video camera. A few of the things I love about this camera is that it's so easy and quick to turn on so I don't miss any of those funny moments. After we're done recording, we can watch the video on the wall with it's built in projector and the screen can go up to like 60 inches or something crazy like that. Also, while I'm recording, there is a feature that detects the faces and it takes pictures WHILE I'M RECORDING!  We had no idea that it did this and at first I thought I must be hitting some button while I'm recording them to make that happen, but nope.  It does it all on it's own.  I never know when it's taking a picture until after I'm done recording and I look at what I just did or until I download it to my computer.
So the other night, I captured this picture while I was recording and I think it sums up what the video was about...them being silly!
Connor was pointing and saying "you you you" and then laughing at himself. And I think Chloe was saying "uh oh".

Chloe & Mommy Time

Our morning routine right now goes something like this:
I wake up way too early, before everyone else, and get myself ready. Then I go wake Chloe up and we cuddle on the couch and watch cartoons while she wakes up a little bit and then I get her dressed and she gets down and either sits in her chairs and watches cartoons or she plays with toys we have in the living room.
  Then I get Connor up and snuggle with him on the couch and then David gets up and helps get him dressed while I make their breakfast. He needs a little more snuggling in the morning because he is a little grizzly bear when he wakes up.
This is the reason I get Chloe up first. She's happy the minute she gets up but Connor wants more sleep and it takes a while to get him fully awake and the process isn't a fun one. He is GRUMPY and if you don't do something just right, his day starts off in a really bad mood.
  So before everyone else gets up, Chloe and I get to spend some one on one time together and I can't think of any way better to start off my day.
It's only for about 10-15 minutes but it makes me so happy.
I've found myself craving one on one time with each of them lately. It's hard to juggle my attention for both of them and I feel like each one is getting cheated of their mommy time. One wants to be comforted or just to cuddle and then the other comes up and wants some attention or needs me for something so I put the other one down and tend to that one. It's not fair to either one of them. Every once in a while, I will take just one with me to run an errand or to go shopping on the weekends. I try to remember who I took last time and take the other one the next time, to be fair.
Twin problems...

Monday, May 13, 2013

1st Trip to the Zoo

I have been waiting patiently for C&C to bring home their first craft project from school ever since they started going. And it finally happened! I got my first Mother's Day gift made my them!
Key chains with their school pictures on them and on the back are butterflies made out of their fingerprints. I love them!
We celebrated Mother's Day by going to the Zoo for the first time! Connor and Chloe loved it and we loved seeing how much fun they had.
"Ready to go see some animals Mom!"
By the way, Connor and Chloe have become super attached to a few toys lately. Chloe is always holding on to her Sophia the First doll and Connor never lets go of this little toy car that has a dalmatian in it. So of course, Sophia and the dalmatian car had to come to the zoo with us.
Our wagon we got from GiGi and Papaw for their birthday is perfect for the zoo. They have their own seats, they are strapped in, they have shade and can throw their toys around in there and there is a bag on the back for all of their diapers and everything else and there are plenty of cup holders for all of us. We had several people asking where we got it.
Connor LOVES animals. He stops and points and smiles really big when he sees any kind of animal, in person or on tv. And they both can make animal noises for a cow, sheep, horse, duck, lion, and sometimes a monkey.
They pointed at all of the animals. And Connor would wave hello and bye bye every time we stopped to look at an animal.
Chloe says a cow says "Moooooo".
Chloe and Sophia.
Connor driving his dalmatian car on the turtle.
Waiting in line for the carousel with the dalmatian car and Sophia.
The carousel was by far their favorite part of the day. Chloe giggled the whole time and Connor had a huge wide open mouth smile on his face. We loved the zoo and can't wait to go back.