Monday, May 13, 2013

1st Trip to the Zoo

I have been waiting patiently for C&C to bring home their first craft project from school ever since they started going. And it finally happened! I got my first Mother's Day gift made my them!
Key chains with their school pictures on them and on the back are butterflies made out of their fingerprints. I love them!
We celebrated Mother's Day by going to the Zoo for the first time! Connor and Chloe loved it and we loved seeing how much fun they had.
"Ready to go see some animals Mom!"
By the way, Connor and Chloe have become super attached to a few toys lately. Chloe is always holding on to her Sophia the First doll and Connor never lets go of this little toy car that has a dalmatian in it. So of course, Sophia and the dalmatian car had to come to the zoo with us.
Our wagon we got from GiGi and Papaw for their birthday is perfect for the zoo. They have their own seats, they are strapped in, they have shade and can throw their toys around in there and there is a bag on the back for all of their diapers and everything else and there are plenty of cup holders for all of us. We had several people asking where we got it.
Connor LOVES animals. He stops and points and smiles really big when he sees any kind of animal, in person or on tv. And they both can make animal noises for a cow, sheep, horse, duck, lion, and sometimes a monkey.
They pointed at all of the animals. And Connor would wave hello and bye bye every time we stopped to look at an animal.
Chloe says a cow says "Moooooo".
Chloe and Sophia.
Connor driving his dalmatian car on the turtle.
Waiting in line for the carousel with the dalmatian car and Sophia.
The carousel was by far their favorite part of the day. Chloe giggled the whole time and Connor had a huge wide open mouth smile on his face. We loved the zoo and can't wait to go back.

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