Tuesday, May 21, 2013

1st School Pics

The kids had their first school pictures taken about a month and a half ago. I was so excited to see how they turned out! I love seeing pictures of my kids but I just thought that it was so funny that they had their pictures taken without me there. I don't know why I'm amazed by that, but it's just a weird feeling! I can't explain it. So when I saw them, I just smiled from ear to ear! So cute!
Yes, they are so different from the professional pictures we've had taken of them over the last year and they were way too pricey! But there is just something about their FIRST ever school pictures! This is what we are going to look back on when they are graduating from high school.
I know that I am over sentimental, but I just can't help it.
And I'm not sure if these pictures will ever even make it in to a frame (I'm having a hard enough time catching up and framing all of our professional pictures taken from the fall!), but I will always cherish them.
Connor wasn't sure if he wanted to smile or cry, I guess. I just want to know WHAT he was thinking when they were posing him like that! HA!
And I was a proud picture taken momma when I saw this smile! She is very well trained when it comes to taking pictures! And on top of it all, I got a call from the school shortly after this was taken to tell me that Chloe had a 102 degree fever. Poor baby had strep and was still smiling!
I love my babies and I love pictures of them! Smile or no smile!

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