Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Vacation Part 1 - Alabama

We just got back from a week and a half long vacation! We went to Santa Rosa Beach, Florida, but we first made a stop in Huntsville, Alabama for a short visit with my Mamaw and Papaw.
I wasn't sure how C&C were going to do in a 10 hour car ride (that ended up taking us 13 hours!), but I was surprised by how they handled it.
There was a lot of movie watching and snacking.
Drawing me a picture.
  Before we left, I went shopping for a few new small toys to put in baskets in the back seat. I didn't want to take up a lot of room but I thought something new might keep their interest longer than a toy they already have. This worked great for the first part of the trip. They were over it on the way home though.
But once we got there, they were their silly selves. They had lots of people to see and of course they turned in to little show offs!
Picking flowers (grass) for Mamaw and Papaw.
Posing for pictures with cousins.
Swimming in the pool and of course snacking. We love our snacks!
I'm so glad that C&C interacted with everyone and even let people hold them! I was worried they were going to be scared and just cling to me or David the whole time. But they did good and I think everyone had fun!
Thank you Mamaw and Papaw for letting us come visit! We love you!

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