Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Vacation Part 4 - Florida Day 3

On the 3rd day of our vacation, we had plans to go ride on a large jet boat in Destin. We were supposed to take a cruise out in the ocean and see some dolphins. But it was really windy that day, so we didn't get to venture very far out. We did get to see dolphins though. They came up right next to our boat!
Before we went in to Destin, David and I took the kids on a walk before their nap.
These cheap umbrella strollers were life savers and so much easier to pack than a big double stroller!
Connor loves all things cars, trucks, trains and boats, so I knew he would love this.
Chloe did okay once the boat was moving. I think she was tired and just didn't really care. She wanted to run around and not sit in my lap.
We were all looking at the dolphins and C&C kept pointing out all of the other boats. We would point and say "fish!" (that's easier to explain than dolphins right now), and they would point and say "boat!", or they would point at the seagulls and say "duck!"
Connor was waving to the other boats.

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