Monday, May 21, 2012

4 Months!

The babies are 4 months old!
I saw this baby milestone format on someone else's blog recently and I really loved how she documented everything. So I'm going to steal it if it's ok with you Heather!

Fun Facts about Connor:
Age: 4 months
Weight: 13.4 pounds
Height: 23.9 inches
10th % in weight, 7th % in height, 57th % in head circumference
Favorite Toy:
The star that lights up on the activity mat and anything he can stick in his mouth.
Favorite Food:
We're starting to supplement formula in with breastmilk and he seems to like it. He's eating 8 ounces with each bottle these days! And I caught him eyeing my granola bar yesterday. We get to try rice after we go to the doctor on Monday!
Chewing on his fingers. He's grabbing at toys and is fascinated by this new skill. His hands are always up in the air grabbing at something or in his mounth.
He's sleeping through the night and hates getting out of bed in the morning. He is not a morning baby at all! I get sister up first and while I'm getting her dressed he's in his crib whining because I've turned on the lamp and it's time to get up. The whining and crying continues with his eyes shut while I'm changing his diaper and getting him dressed. He finally gets out of this funk after he's fed. Then he is all smiles. He's a HORRIBLE napper. He hates naps. This results in being overly tired and fussy. I gave up on letting him crying it out a long time ago because it just doesn't work with him. I end up rocking him and holding him the whole time he sleeps because the boy will wake up as soon as you put him down. I give in just so he at least gets a little bit of sleep.
He's starting to act like he wants to roll over. He spots toys he's interested in and it looks like he's thinking it over on how to get to them. He's sitting up in his Bumbo and holding his head up better. He's discovered his hands and fingers and that they fit perfectly in his mouth. When his hands aren't in his mouth, his paci is.
A lot of his dark hair has fallen out. I was looking back at pictures from his first couple of days and he had so much hair! It's now looking a little bit lighter and he has an old man bald spot on the back and it looks like a bald ring around the middle of his head.
He's still my sweet momma's boy. He loves to cuddle. He loves attention. When we aren't looking at him he's make a noise like he's upset and as soon as we look at him he grins as big as he can. This game goes on forever. He just wants us to be looking at him all the time. I think he refuses to nap so he can get all of the attention while Chloe is sleeping. He mimmicks some sounds that we do and then laughs at himself. He poops a LOT and laughs at me when I'm changing him and I tell him how stinky he is. He thinks it's histerical! He pretty laid back but he's starting to get a little stressed out when Chloe is right next to him fussing. He gets a big frown on his face and starts to cry right along with her until we pick him up. His toungue is always out. He thinks his dad is really funny.
Bubba, Brother, BooBoo, Baby Boy, Big Brother

Fun Facts about Chloe:
Age: 4 months
Weight: 11 pounds
Height: 23.23 inches
2nd % in weight, 8th % in height, 6th % in head circumference
Favorite Toy:
She doesn't really have one yet but she likes to lay on the activity mat and look at everything on it. She also likes rattles that I shake in front of her. She gets a big grin on her face.
Favorite Food:
I'm not sure if she likes the formula or not. We're having a hard time trying to find a bottle that she likes and the milk has to be the perfect warm temperature or she spits it out! So I've purchased a bottle warmer! She breastfeeds just fine, just doesn't like to bottle feed. She drinks between 6-7 ounces with most bottles but sometimes only drinks half. I'm hoping she isn't a picky eater like me!
She loves her naps. She used to fall alseep pretty quickly after eating but she's starting to stay awake and play more. She's jabbering up a storm and I can already tell it's a pretty sassy jabber. She loves to be on the go and wants us to walk around when we hold her. She'll even lean forward when she wants you to move.
She's been such a good napper since the beginning. I can't say that enough. She's starting to fight napping in her crib a little bit though, so she either falls asleep on the play mat or in the bouncer, which is fine with me, as long as she gets a nap. She's also starting to just cat nap instead of taking long regular naps. Also fine with me as long as she gets some sleep and it's overly tired. She knows when it's bedtime and falls asleep on her own pretty fast after we take a bath and swaddle her. She knows her routine and she likes it. She's usually the first one awake in the mornings and the past few days she's played in her crib for about 45 minutes before she cries. It looks like she's practicing rolling over. I picture her thinking "I gotta work on this before Brother gets up...I'm going to do it first!"
She starting to show signs of wanting to roll over. She kind of just rocks back and forth. She holds her head up really good and has done so for a while. She acts like she wants to sit up on her own but just can't figure out how to do it. She likes for us to sit her up on the floor like a big girl and hold her up. She likes to be up where she can see everything and if we're rocking her or sitting with her on the couch, she has to be facing forward so she doesn't miss anything.
Some of her hair she was born with fell out a few months ago but I think more is growing back in. She has a patch of fuzzy reddish hair on the top front of her head and a little bit on the bottom back. She's also sporting the bald spot but it's less noticable because her hair is lighter.
Where do I even start. She is very sassy and so funny. She's smiling so much now and I love it when she gets a big smile on her face and she squints her nose up and pulls her shoulders up to her ears. It looks very mischievous. She is talking more and I think she likes to hear the noises that come out her mouth. She talked to me the whole way to daycare the other morning. She wants to be on the go so bad and I know I'm going to be in big trouble when she finally figures out how to do it. She's still a little moody. She can go from the sweetest smile to the loudest scream I've ever heard.
Sis, Sister, Sissy, Baby girl, Coco, Bubbles

Some more fun from our photoshoot:
The fingers are always in their mouths!
They're starting to notice each other more.
Laughing at Daddy.
Connor's laughing at Daddy and Chloe is smiling at Connor.

Then the fun started to slow down...we had a meltdown.
I love how Connor stays calm through all of this. And no, she didn't scratch him all up...he did that himself last week.
We took the headband off thinking that was the cause of the meltdown...
Nope, not the cause...
Connor still keeping his cool...
I wouldn't get your fingers to close to his mouth Chloe!
Connor trying to eat the bear now.
Back to chewing on his fingers instead.
When we first brought the babies home and I was completely exhausted and overwhelmed and people would tell me that it's going to get better. I didn't believe them. I felt so guilty for being emotional and upset all the time because I had wanted these babies for so long and now that I finally had them I couldn't handle it. I realized that I was very hormonal and tired and it wasn't my fault, it happens to most women. But life is getting so much better as their personalities come out and they start to discover new things. I miss them more now when I leave for work or when I have to be gone for something. I love seeing them for the first time in the mornings and when I pick them up from day care. I don't even really mind getting up with Chloe in the middle of the night on the rare occasions she decides she needs a snack. I love my babies and they bring me so much more joy every day.

We all went grocery shopping yesterday and a woman had stopped to talk to David when she saw the twins.  It turns out that she had 5 week old twin boys and she looked hopeless and tired.  And I found myself telling her that it gets better. Trust me.


  1. Your twins are absolutely adorable!!! New follower and fellow mommy of twins. :)

  2. oh, and yes, it does get better....and then worse ...and then! My girlies just turned two, but I very vividly remember those first 6 months!!!