Monday, May 21, 2012


I got an activity mat for a baby gift before the babies were born. They've hated laying on it until now.
They love it now. The center has a smiley face that lights up and plays music.
Connor has learned he can use his hands and grab stuff.
Connor is also doing better at sitting in the Bumbo and holding his head up.
But we still have our lazy moments...
Chloe and I went on our first Momma/baby girl shopping trip on Saturday.
She did so good and didn't fuss one time! This is a huge improvement from how she was just a month ago. I think she might be growing out of it a little bit. She's happy more often than not these days.
This was her first time wearing shoes too!  I think she has my small feet because she's 4 months old and these newborn shoes are still a little bit too big!
I would hold up an outfit for her and asked if she liked it and she would stare at it and then look up at me and then sometimes get a big grin on her face and lift up her shoulders like she does when she smiles really big. So funny!
 But shopping wore her out and this was her at just the second store we went to...

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