Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Chloe & Daddy Camping Trip

David and Chloe packed up and went on a Father/Daughter camping trip last Saturday.
It was a special event with different activities for them to do together and separately.
I got pictures throughout the day and night.
After they set up their tent.
Eating S'mores
Chloe and her friend Anna.

That night, before bed, Connor and I decided to send David and Chloe a few pictures of us since they had been sending pictures all day...

It ended up pouring down rain that night and the tent leaked and the air mattress lost air. David didn't get any sleep but Chloe slept through the whole thing.

Friday, September 18, 2015

15 month check up

Cooper had his 15 month check up on Tuesday.
He was a little anxious so big sister stayed right by his side through the whole thing.
Cooper weighs 28 lbs and is in the 98th %tile for weight and is 31 inches long and is in the 72nd %tile for height.
And he's finally big enough to wear Connor's old jersey!

Monday, September 14, 2015

Our Weekend

Connor asked David to spike his hair for school on Friday. It's really time for a haircut, but he was proud to show it off.
We took the kids to the park after school because we can finally be outside without sweating!
Cooper turned 15 months on Saturday.
We love this boy so much.
He is very much into everything and holds his own when it comes to playing with the twins. He tries to do everything they do and he usually succeeds.
He's into giving hugs and kisses to everyone.
He loves his Mickey Mouse, his blanket, and shoes.
And he obviously loves to eat. He will try just about anything and eats more than both of the twins combined.
David rounds everyone up to leave for school by saying "Who's ready to go to school?!" and Cooper will yell back "Meeeeee!"

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Labor Day Weekend 2015

We spent the weekend with friends at Lake Hudson.
We swam, played with friends, and took boat rides.
Out of all of us, Connor probably enjoyed it the most though. It was like he was in his element. He just had a blast and was in the best mood the whole time. We was well behaved and sweet and just excited about everything we did.
And of course Cooper loved all the yummy treats!
It was the perfect send off to summer!

Friday, September 4, 2015

First OU game 2015

It's Team Spirit Day at school so of course we all dressed up!
I love how Chloe puts her arms around her brothers.  Sometimes I do tell them to put their arms around each other for pictures, but most of the time they do it themselves.  Mommy takes a lot of pictures so they're pros.  Cooper even started saying "Cheeeese!" when I was taking these pictures.
Here's a look back at kick-off weekends from the past few years.

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Soccer - U4 Mini Kickers

We had our first night of soccer yesterday.
It's a brand new program in our town. They split all the under 4 kids up in groups of 6 and show them different techniques to learn the game of soccer for the first 30 minutes and then they make teams and then have little scrimmages/games during the last 30 minutes. Since last night was our first night, they just did the groups, no games.
Our friend Betsey is playing with us too.
These girls went from ballet shoes one night to soccer cleats the next night.
I heard Connor tell Betsey that his shorts matched hers and that her shoes matched Chloe's so they can all be best friends.

Tuesday, September 1, 2015


Yesterday I got a call from the school because Chloe had fallen and had a gash over her eye that might either need stitches or glue. So I picked her up and signed her incident report...
She had been twirling and fell and hit the side of a couch that had wooden handrails.
 We went straight to the doctor and found out it just needed a little glue.

She must have been twirling to practice for her first night of dance. Luckily she wasn't in too bad of shape to still go.
Chloe and Betsey at their first night of dance together.
 These two stuck together like glue the whole time.