Monday, September 14, 2015

Our Weekend

Connor asked David to spike his hair for school on Friday. It's really time for a haircut, but he was proud to show it off.
We took the kids to the park after school because we can finally be outside without sweating!
Cooper turned 15 months on Saturday.
We love this boy so much.
He is very much into everything and holds his own when it comes to playing with the twins. He tries to do everything they do and he usually succeeds.
He's into giving hugs and kisses to everyone.
He loves his Mickey Mouse, his blanket, and shoes.
And he obviously loves to eat. He will try just about anything and eats more than both of the twins combined.
David rounds everyone up to leave for school by saying "Who's ready to go to school?!" and Cooper will yell back "Meeeeee!"

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