Tuesday, May 12, 2015

11 Months!

Cooper is 11 months old today!
These are the only 2 pictures I could get because he is so crazy and he just wanted to dive off the chair the whole time.  This picture is actually of him laughing at me telling him no!  He loves getting into trouble!

Connor came in and said he would help me but it didn't get any better...

Crazy Cleats Graduation

Another session of Crazy Cleats ended on Saturday and the kids got their trophies and a certificate!

Monday, May 11, 2015

Mother's Day 2015

Being a momma is hard.
 I wake up tired and go to bed even more tired.
 I struggle with balancing everything and constantly worry that I'm doing it all wrong.
 I get frustrated and cry and lose my patience way more than I even want to admit.
 Sometimes I wonder if everything I do goes unnoticed.
But all it takes is one hug,
one sloppy chocolate donut kiss,
or one little voice saying "I love you mommy",
for me to know that every minute is worth it.
 I don't take them for granted and I will spend every day proving that to them.

Owasso Trail Days 2015

We decided to take advantage of the short break in severe weather and headed up to the local carnival that was in town for the weekend. But first, we made a quick measurement of Chloe and she was just tall enough to ride the rides this year!
This was Chloe on the Farris Wheel (I kind of felt the same way).
$55 and an hour and a half later we left, right before the rain came pouring down...

Tuesday, May 5, 2015


I started my Friday morning off with a trip to the ER with Connor. When I got him up for school, he was wheezing when he was breathing both in and out and he was having a pretty hard time. We did a breathing treatment and it didn't get any better. I could see his chest going up and down and his breathing was labored so I decided it was time to take him in. David got the other 2 ready for school and Connor and I went to the hospital.

We had been through this before when he was 9 months old and he's had the croup several times since then so I wasn't scared. I just knew they needed to treat him because what I was doing wasn't working.
We got checked in and they gave him another breathing treatment and a steroid and things got better. They also did x-rays of his chest and neck that came back clear.
We spent most of our time hanging out in our room watching Mickey Mouse and videos of Chloe at dance class.
We were finally released to go home after being there for about 3 1/2 hours.

We spent the rest of the day resting, as best we could. His medicine makes his heart rate jump up and he gets jittery and hyper, so it was a little hard for him to rest. We tried to watch as many movies as possible.

He rebounded that night and had another episode that was a little hard to get under control, but after a breathing treatment and some time in the bathroom with the steamy shower, I put him in bed with us and he calmed down.

He had to skip soccer on Saturday, but he was getting restless and started pulling out all of his toys and bringing them downstairs.
He even let Cooper play, but he was only allowed to have one super hero at a time.

By Sunday morning, Connor was begging to get out of the house, so David took him to see the new Avengers movie in 3D. While the boys were gone, I took Chloe and Cooper to the park, out to lunch, and to Claire's for Chloe to pick out some new earrings.

And as always, they both ask for the other one when they are separated. She kept telling me that she wanted Connor to come see the park and that she wanted to go see the movie. And when Connor found out we went to the park he got upset that he didn't get to go.

Chloe is even having sympathy coughs for him and tells me that she needs medicine and breathing treatments. She's on to me though and asked me this morning why I put water in her medicine syringe!