Monday, January 31, 2011

The Blizzard is coming!!!

I don't have anything really exciting to report from the weekend and I'm trying to get as much work done as I can today because the local weather is reporting that we will be experiencing a massive blizzard tonight into tomorrow morning. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that my office will be closed but I'm also getting anxiety that we are going to be trapped at home with nothing to eat so I'm going to be the stupidest person in town tonight and attempt to get some groceries on my way home. Everyone was talking about how crazy busy all of the stores were yesterday and I can only imagine that they are going to be just as busy today and more than likely out of every single item.


This is a picture of my sunroof on Friday. The weather was sooooo nice both Friday and was hard to believe it was January. And then look at us now getting ready for a blizzard and below freezing temperatures! Only in Oklahoma!

This is the buffet that I bought at a consignment store for $50. I have BIG plans for this buffet. David did get it sanded down and primered on Saturday, so it's just waiting to be painted. I also bought new knobs and I'm on the hunt for a big mirror to go above it.

Friday, January 28, 2011

My opinion about Acupuncture

I've posted before that a friend of mine suggested that I try acupuncture for my fertility struggles. At first, I was very sceptical but I thought it was worth a try because I'm ready to try anything at this point. And if nothing else, maybe it would just help me relax and manage the stress and depression I have over trying to conceive and the loss of the twins.

At my first appointment last week, there was an interview process where we discussed the problems I'm having and my concerns and the Dr./Acupuncturist(?) explained to me how it all works and what it means to place the needles where, etc. He inserted the needles into my back (no, they don't hurt) and then left me to "relax" for about 15 minutes. Well, my brain doesn't just relax. I'm constantly thinking about stuff, what I have to do when I leave there, that I need to go to the store to pick up dog food, what I have to do this weekend, how I'm gaining too much weight and I have no pants, and so on. So I just lay there and let my mind wonder.
Then he comes in and I turn over and he puts more needles in my stomach, my wrists, and my ankles. And again, the same thing, 15 minutes to "relax".
And since you really don't see any immediate results, you kind of feel like it's a waste of time when you leave. But I purchased a 3 visit package, so I knew I had to stick it out for 2 more visits.

My second appointment was at the beginning of this week and it pretty much went just like the first visit.

Then I had my third visit last night and my whole opinion has changed. I don't know what was done differently, but I was able to relax and empty my mind. I didn't think about one single thing. I even fell asleep, twice! I did feel the needles more, he dug them in a little deeper. They didn't hurt, just a little sting and then it was over. And when I got up to leave, I felt light headed and REALLY tired. I had also mentioned to the Dr. before he started that I was suffering from bloating and cramping and all I have to say is that I had no more bloating and cramping when I walked out of the office. And I haven't had any since. I left there relaxed and in a good mood without my headache that I've been carrying around for the past week.

So who really knows if something like that "works". There have been no real studies to prove it does or doesn't. But I'm really glad that I tried it.

My boys hanging out last night while I got ready for bed...

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Week in pictures


Not a whole lot going on Tuesday, so I took a picture of my office... where I spend 8 hours a day, 5 days a week...I spend way more time in this chair than I wish to.
I'm hoping to move to a new office at the end of this year and my plan is to decorate a little better. I need more to look at than my computer screen all day. I think it would put me in a better mood.


Enjoying a smoothie while David is on the phone working. Ok, ok...I had a cookie too :)

Target already has flip flops out! And not only flip flops, but tons of swimsuits and a bunch of REALLY cute sandals. Um...last I checked it was still January!

I looked at it all today (minus the swimsuits since I was there to buy work pants a size bigger because I can't fit into any of mine) and I saw so many items I wanted. But I maintained and only purchased the items I went there for. It was no fun at ALL!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Play time

I have a video instead of a picture for yesterday.

This is a game that David and Brutus play almost every day when David gets home from work. Brutus gets so excited to see David that he runs all over the house when he hears the garage door open. He runs back and forth from the front door window to the garage until David comes in.

And of course I started recording after they had been playing for a while so Brutus was a little tired.

I've been told by a few people that they couldn't see the video, so I'm going to try this again. I HATE it when videos don't work and I get so frustrated when I can't see other people's. So let's try this way...

Monday, January 24, 2011

Very lazy and cold weekend

This weekend was a pretty lazy one. I got my grocery shopping done and out of the way on my way home Friday night. And David asked me why I had to do it on Friday and not just wait until Saturday and we could go response..."What if I don't want to get up and put my makeup on Saturday!?" And I have a new rule that David will NEVER do a Wal-Mart trip with me again. I've left this story out and I think it's best that I do...but it's my new rule and I'm just going to leave it at that!

So after the Wal-Mart trip, I came home, we ate a good dinner, and I headed straight to the couch and fell asleep. It was a perfect evening after a long work week!

I fought it all day Saturday, but David was watching basketball and my wheels were spinning in my head about my dining room makeover. So I got up, PUT MY MAKEUP ON, and headed to Hobby Lobby to look for fabric for my new curtains (the first step in the dining room makeover). After a trip to 2 Hobby Lobbys, I came home with nothing and even more frustrated. I just couldn't find what I was picturing in my head. So I will wait.

Saturday night we had a movie marathon, interrupted by a trip to Braum's for some dessert after dinner, and then we were in bed by midnight. Another perfect evening for me!

Yesterday was a perfectly lazy Sunday. We watched movies, Football (Go Packers!), gave the dogs a bath, and caught up on the DVR. We actually did get out of the house to walk around the block even though it was 27 degrees! I know I should have taken some pictures of us, but I didn't have any makeup on! I had my whole ski outfit on...the pants, the jacket, the hat, the gloves, everything. David made fun of me but I was just preparing for the cold weather!

Project 365:


This is me at work on Friday. I had decided that I needed a new Facebook here you go.


Saturday, I had a mini photo session with the boys. They weren't very excited about it.


Brutus loves getting his hair blown out after a bath. He HATES getting into the bath tub and he acts like he's being tortured the whole time, until he gets out. He LOVES being towel dried and then the hair dryer and then he runs around the house like he just had the best time ever. It's very entertaining.

I know what you're thinking...Is this Project 365 just going to be 365 pictures of me and the dogs? Well I hope not! But January is a pretty slow month for us without a lot going on, so it might just be this way while it's cold outside!

P.S. This is how I found Peanut when it was time to go to bed last night:

He was exhausted after his bath.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Happy it's Friday!

Not much has been going on this week. David and I have both been busy at work so we pretty much have just come home and fallen on the couch every night.

One night we went to Sapulpa because I found a buffet for my dining room at a consignment store for $50! It's in need of a little TLC, mainly just paint and some new knobs, but I have big plans for it. And $50 is a heck of a deal compared to the $1000 buffet I wanted at Mathis Brothers! Stay tuned for my next project. I'm redoing the whole dining room. I'm keeping the same table and chairs, just adding some paint, new drapes, the buffet, and some accent pieces. I'm not exactly sure when this is all taking place, but it's happening!

Also this week, I experienced my first acupuncture session. People get acupuncture done for tons of things, but of course mine was focused on infertility. I mainly did it to try to relax and not stress out about everything that's going on. It's consumed my every thought and I'm just looking at other ways to handle it all. I'm not sure what I think about the acupuncture. And no, the needles don't hurt (I'm used to needles anyway). But mainly I just laid there and tried to relax. But I'm trying to keep an open mind about it. I'm going back for 2 more appointments next week.

Project 365 pictures:

Me & my first born

Me and BullyButt
Ok, so I did 2 pictures on Monday and none on Tuesday. I'm so sorry for not following the rules!

Kisses for my Mr.

Downtown Tulsa, where I work. My acupuncture appointment was downtown also last night and I thought this was a pretty picture on my way home.

I hope everyone has a great weekend! I plan on spending mine inside next to the fire watching movies!

Monday, January 17, 2011


How can I come to work extremely exhausted when I did almost nothing all weekend? I don't get it!

Here are my Project 365 pictures:

Friday night we had a few other couples over for a game night. It was a good time, but it wore me out. I think we're all hoping the next game night is a little calmer.

1/15/11 Kristen, myself, and Molly

Saturday night we went over to a friends house nearby to watch the Green Bay game. They have a gorgeous house and the perfect set up outside...a big nice fireplace, space heaters, a big tv, and the most comfortable outside couch I've ever sat on. So this is where the girls camped out (and the occasional rugrat and their balloons!) I had a good low key time and really enjoyed playing with all of their sweet little kiddos.

Ok, I'm going to be honest with you here...I could easily take a picture today and pass it off like I did it yesterday, but I'm not going to. We did NOTHING all day yesterday except plant our behinds on the couch and have a Dexter marathon. It was very lovely and I don't feel bad about it.

Friday, January 14, 2011 that you?

Some people that have grown up with my husband have always made little comments about how him and his brother resemble "Joey" from Friends. I personally have never thought though it was a huge resemblance, just a little, if you squinted your eyes a little, maybe. That is until yesterday. I was online, reading my daily gossip mags...and this recent picture of Matt LeBlanc "Joey" popped up.

How YOU doin'?Do you see it? You have to imagine Matt LeBlanc without gray hair, but their eyes are the same, and the nose is very similar. And they even do their hair the same.

The resemblance is freaky to me now!

Project 365: Thursday, January 13th

I've recently decorated a hallway I have in my house that leads from the front door into the living room. I found this picture at Kirkland's and thought it was perfect. I like how big it is, it's simple, and it adds a little bit of color to all of my blacks, browns, and beige's I have everywhere. I also liked the message. Not only do I think it fits with what we are going through, it also is a part of history.
This is what I found on Wikipedia about the posters that were made with this message on them:
Keep Calm and Carry On was a poster produced by the British government in 1939 during the beginning of World War II, intended to raise the morale of the British public under the threat of impending invasion.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Question of the day...

Is it wrong to wear maternity pants when you're not pregnant?

Huh, what? I didn't think so either! It's loungewear on top and dressy on bottom. How can this be wrong? And if you've never tried them're the crazy one!

Have a Happy Thursday!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Happy Blogiversary everyone! One year ago today, I posted my first entry.
Unfortunately, I'm not exactly where I planned to be today with the whole baby thing. But all I can do is move forward and hope that it happens for us this year.

So let's clink our glasses together to toast to the next year of blogging! My goal is to make it a little more upbeat and not so Debbie Downer all the time.

So join me in having a Happy Blogiversary and a Happy Hump Day!

P.S. Today I read about Project 365 and I thought it looked kind of fun. It might not be too fun to try to come up with a picture every day...but if you think about it, it might be a little fun to look back at every day at the end of the year, or maybe make a slide show or photo book of each picture from everyday. I know I don't have too many exciting things to post about. Most people have cute and funny posts about their kids, but I just have David and the dogs. So maybe this will be a way to keep the blog interesting.

The picture above is my picture for today. I took it with my iPhone (I have a feeling most of my pictures for this project will be taken with my phone). I have several photo apps on my phone that I love playing with so I think it's fun to take pics with it.

I also plan to dig my DSLR camera out of the cobwebs and get back to practicing with it. I still don't have my lenses I've wanted for the past year, but maybe sometime soon.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Brutus in the snow

Brutus LOVES the snow and I think he really likes cold weather in general. I don't know what it is, but either the cold or the white wet stuff gives him an extra burst of energy and he runs around like a mad man. I grabbed my phone to try to get him in action, but of course I missed the funniest moment of him running out in the snow for the first time!

I'm sorry if you can't see the video. I can't ever tell if it works or not! Sometimes I can see it when I upload it but when I finished the post and publish it, it's not there. Not sure!

Just in case the video doesn't work for you...I've posted this picture of him I took this weekend so you can still gaze at him lovingly.

Friday, January 7, 2011

Date Night with Reagan

Last night I met up with my friend Reagan for dinner and a movie.

We went to see Black Swan.

It was a really good movie but even just looking at this movie poster today, I'm freaked out. I feel like I'm reliving it all over again! It was a little confusing and really disturbing. We had to cover our eyes during parts of it. But I think it was a really artistic movie and you have to try to look at everything that's happening as a symbol for something else. I really have no clue...It's probably supposed to mean something totally different than what I think it does. And Reagan and I left with a bunch of questions. But I told her that I bet we would figure more of it out if we saw it a second time. You know how you see a movie over and over and you catch on to different things that you didn't see the first time you saw it? I have a feeling this movie is meant to be watched a couple of times to be able to understand it. At least for me anyway...

But I give the night a 2 thumbs up!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Wednesday, January 5, 2011


Aren't they just the cutest ever!?! These are my boys. And yes, I made them sit next to each other for this picture. It was right at bedtime though so I got them while they were very sleepy and would do just about anything so I would hurry up and get out of there so they could pass out.

Last week Brutus did a disappearing act...with his 2 front teeth!
Do you see the red gums? Well 2 little teeth used to be there!

Yes, they were 2 gross little, plaque covered teeth. But sometimes they were clean and cute!
Brutus loves playing tug-of-war more than anything. And I think over time, and lots of tug-of-war games with David and Peanut, the teeth were loosened, pulled forward, and eventually pulled out. So it is...his infamous under bite is changed forever.

Monday, January 3, 2011

Happy New Year!

We threw a New Year's Eve party on Friday night. This was our second year in a row to throw a party and I hope everyone had fun again this year!

I had tons of food because I was so worried about not having enough to eat. But wouldn't you know that everyone goes out to dinner before they go to parties?!?! Go figure. Oh well, I'll know better next time.

I'm not sure if I will ever mess with that stupid chocolate fountain again after i dumped the first batch of chocolate all over the floor at the exact time everyone was supposed to be showing up. It was a disaster!
But we got everything cleaned up just in time for people to start showing up.

At first, it was girls downstairs talking...

And the boys were upstairs playing pool and watching football...

Then, as the night went on, more people showed up, a game called "Boat Racing" was played out in the garage, we played a gamed called "Left, Right, Center" where one lucky guest won $57 (I think), several people won a few prizes from drawings that I did, and a lot of dancing went on. Don't worry everyone...I won't post all of the pictures from us dancing! But I will post this one of David and Nate...

I don't know where I was while this was going on (Molly was running around taking pictures with my camera all night...thank you!), but the next day when I was looking through everything I asked David if they were doing push ups or something and he said "no, we were doing the worm!". Of course.

Here are a few pictures from the night...

I hope everyone had a great time at the party. And I hope everyone else had a very Happy New Year as well.

I'm so excited that it's a brand new year. That means a new start for several things in my life. New hopes for the future and how I will handle it all. New eating habits, hopefully (I saw a number on the scale this morning that I've NEVER seen before and it scared the crap out of me!). It's so hard to work out a whole lot while you are trying for a baby. It's a little hard to explain and I'm not going into all of the details but it's hard to stay consistant because I'm too worried about over doing it during certain times of the month. But I can at least start eating better! I also want to start handling our finances better and learn new saving habits. But most of all I really want to work on my attitude and how I handle things in my life. And as always, I want to take more pictures :)

Happy New Year!